Outlaw 10.5W drag racing – APSA Pro Street

Qualifying and elimination action from round 3 of the APSA Pro Street Shootout held at Sydney Dragway. http://www.facebook.com/fullboostcomau …

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32 Responses

  1. Joe W

    Where's the audience? Back in the sixties we packed the stands with spectators!

  2. thevoodoo57

    Sorry to say, it does not really seem to matter what engine or chassis you have, as long as you can bolt a plastic tub onto it, what does it matter/ now i know why i appreciate all steel body drag racing, oldskool if you like, too much plastic these days, or carbon fibre, there should be a rule where your vehicle needs to be at least 50% or more original retaining the car itself, not a jelly mould. obviously the machine work and the effort put into these machines is fantastic, but i think i will stick to something a tad more solid.

  3. 1greencuda

    At .20 I don't think I have ever seen anyone back up that fast EVER , LOL

  4. Cactus Anal

    why don't they put a "skip add" on all vids? its bull crap!

  5. Tholaran97

    what does the bottom number mean on the signs when the cars pass them?

  6. Samsgarden

    That red car (Mazda?) is mind-blowingly quick. What; about a second slower than a top fuel car? Or am I missing something here??

  7. John Z

    OOOOMG these little rice rockets are freaky quick!!  Good on 'em!!

  8. Paul Woodward

    is this track 1/4 mile? or 1000 feet? Insane performance! Greetings from a US drag fan.

  9. SZ S

    Forgive me for my ignorance because I'm knew to this drag racing stuff. But can someone explain to me just how in the world these pro stock cars are getting quarter mile runs in the low 7's or even mid 6's? Like I know they have powerful 1400 hp engines and are light like 2300 lbs. I was expecting something along the lines of 3000 hp to get these kind of runs.

    But that alone shouldn't be enough. What is the science behind these monsters?

  10. DaveCaresForYou

    Dang these are some fast cars. Greetings from the US

  11. deerdestroyer2009

    That red funny car looks like a Grand am or grand prix.

  12. herbert daniels


  13. Dallas Cooper

    For everyone saying bad reaction time,, watch the times ,, they dont have to go on green, the time starts the second their front end moves

  14. Steven Kennedy

    I'n all in for the muscle cars running the track,but I have to give big props to those tuners,(that wicked fast red Silvia is a perfect example)they don't always get beat in the 1/4 mile especially the ones in this video.

  15. Steven Kennedy

    FUCKIN' DAMN!!!!!!!!!! That little red car took off like a missile!!