Pagani Zonda F vs Bugatti Veyron Drag Race – Top Gear – BBC

James is on the Top Gear test track to review the £825000 Pagani Zonda F Roadster. But how will the fastest ever Zonda fare against the storming speed of the …

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32 Responses

  1. blubberyhxg

    Did anyone notice that at 2:08 the song that's playing is the same as the one in Breaking Bad when Walter White is walking out of the building supplies store?

  2. Zach P.

    bruh james is an idiot, taking a pagani over the then worlds fastest car.

  3. StevieSpain D

    Y´know, once….just once, before I die, I would like to drive one of these hyper-cars for a while. Preferably the Zonda.


    I honestly can't believe this was EIGHT years ago…

  5. soham roy

    Damn i miss this show.nothing what chriss harris or matt le blanc does can cover these guys.

  6. Richard68434

    Why does the Zonda seems a bit purple-ish… Even though it's full black?

  7. Sagar Reigns

    8 yrs ago..?
    I wonder this world has that kind of super cars with breathtaking speed 8 yrs ago

  8. Tobias Schindler

    so how fast was the Bugatti Veyron?
    they did not show the time!

  9. Luca Ryan

    transfer station commercial gixlmm wound potato alternative federal tip serving.

  10. Louis Randolph

    For 840,000 pounds it had better be a dam good car May.

  11. Steve Ottenad

    Just watched a "new Zonda" announced at pebble beach this year… 2017

  12. Airwipe

    With the convertible design, cent the wind speed bend or damage the windows that are rolled up?