Paint Matching The Drift Cars

Got it done in time for the drift event, stay tuned for the full color reveal !!! Make sure you check out logan steel on facebook …

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21 Responses

  1. lamarasamuel

    Haaa, Used a Color Overlay Sheet like the old school crt tv screens.

  2. finkess

    haggard rocks! awesome idea to paint match 😍 gonna be an epic season

  3. guitarphil11

    They should have dipped them, way easier and easily changeable later on. Legit cringed which Orion started sanding his car.

  4. Justin DAust

    they repaint their cars while chows sits their with its 300 different shades of color on his 240

  5. TheDuggGMANG

    it's purple flake like that trans they painted

  6. Jeff Fred

    Orion do whatever the fuck you want to do ill always be happy with your videos and car

  7. Sephiroth Aus

    stfu Brendan, "not this one" yeah good one. You finally said something.

    Also as a qualified painter, I cringed nearly the whole video

  8. Ramie Harris

    Its not a surprise, everyone knows its painted "hot boy" like a bass boat

  9. eugene wiggins

    they prob used the same paint they used for the Miata engine bay

  10. will rogne

    NO NO NO WHY THE DAILY HYUNDAI AND THE 350Z they had great paint!