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35 Responses

  1. Saivyshnav Kotha

    that blue BMW is very awesome guys…I like it..but your video is not cinematic.try another time

  2. NobleZ

    what if a dog was watching a people are awesome video

  3. Skill-point

    This is awesome and all, but the music is complete garbage

  4. Joseph NobleStas

    I think the girl at the end was driving a fox body

  5. MasterAdvantage 97

    Please shut this horrendous music!

  6. lucian kristov

    that garbage ass ruckus music sucks ass we just want to here the engines and sounds of the drift …and clicking a new video

  7. MJ Car Garage

    Many tires are destroyed in the making of this video 🙂

  8. DjXXS3RL

    1:33 I've been there it's the Detroit drifting event.Got vids on my channel

  9. Ryu Chen

    wow the girl at the end of the video is like Leona Chin

  10. Ethan Taylor

    damn yo the chick in this i wanna marry

  11. Death Snow

    so mutch profational tier destruchen i love it

  12. SgtPickledic

    lol there was some guys in my town that desided to do this in are company's parking lot and recorded it and put it on social media.. Company seen it, they got sued for 20 thousand dollars for property damages and won.

  13. eletor

    Shit video made with stolen clips. Nice work.

  14. David Pittman

    Anybody else getting tired of seeing those fucking Tai Lopez commercials?