pit fire at rally car race, Spa-Francorchamps track, Belgium racing

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14 Responses

  1. Timon

    What's with those over the top faked sound clips? Americans are always trying to overdramatize everything.

  2. JB91710

    Fire extinguishers should have gone off Instantly.  They had a warning with the spilling fuel and still took forever.

  3. Leonardo Martinez

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    Why were all of those people by the car. Its a pit stop! Not an auto graph signing

  5. Bert Verbanck

    Indeed, those screams of woman are fake.

    You hear them loop when the video goes into slow mo.

  6. Glen Lane

    Oh, how I love these overly dramatic videos with crappy narration and fake foley sounds. Gotta say though, if I was marshalling those pits, I'd walk away. No way would I want anything to do with so many people being in the pit lane during an endurance race (it's a race, not a rally…).

  7. catothewiser

    Nothing burns more like octane than octane. 😉 And some fuel over 100 octane burns more like octane than octane does! LOL! But heptane burns hotter so I run that.

    Yeah, it is pretty silly.