PitStop : Riding A MotoGP Bike & More : PowerDrift

Well, almost a MotoGP bike. The Honda RC213V-S is as close as it gets to riding a MotoGP bike. Sarge’s mission is to ride it in Malaysia and gather intel.

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  1. Dikshant Nirwan

    Congratulations a Lot to PD Army to Made this Dream Comes True Review !!! Only Few Can tested it and SARGE is ONE of the Few in List from INDIA Only !!! Better than Superleggera and The Closest Thing Ever to RC213V MoTo GP Machine !!! Thanks again Power DRIFT !!! And Now My Expectations are Increasing for SARGE to SQUEEZ the BMW HP4 Race…. The WSBK Machine !!!

  2. Viswa's Vault

    Powerdrift we want a video on tvs apache rr 310…!!! Wht r u right now 😂


    Can't wait for the new Apache video!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Vicky Koushik Sarma

    this vehicle is a monster… now waiting for "RR310 first ride review" along with "RR310 or Duke390 (2017): which 2 Lakh Bike is for you" these type of video… and ya don't forget me to offer the oneplus 5… with love

  5. Dulal Mahato

    My god I I would not have expected these kind of Moto stuff from a Indian portal 2-3 years back. You guys are setting the bar so high. Top level stuff. Proud of u guys. Thank you so much for the contents and bring more.

  6. sreehari santhosh

    Guys… The apacherr310 has arrived.. make a video of it guys..
    I really loved the design… Would consider u guys about the performance..

  7. 다난 제이

    great episode…btw you should have asked why they're ignoring the Indian market.

  8. Sneh Madhur

    Hey sagar, feel so good to see you going places and doing amazing stuff with bikes. Good luck 👍

  9. Rahul Pandya

    You guys are amazing… Can you plz mention the sound tracks you use on the videos…. I want to know the sound track @55 second… Thanks

  10. Vikram Singh

    One of the most useless bikes ever created, Looks so ugly and disproportionate, What was Honda thinking to ridiculously under-power the bike until you fork out extra cash (12000 euro i believe) for the race kit, whats the point of all that handcrafted bits and pieces and carbon fibers when as a whole they come together to look like this, even Superleggera by Ducati has most of the same stuff but manages to look so beautiful and costs half as much.
    Honda has always been one of my favorite bike manufacturers but they seriously need to hire a new design team.


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