Powerboat vs Cars Drag Race – Toyota Supra and Evolution X

Don’t try this at home kids! This time on TRC we decided to change things up a bit from our usual car vs car battles and throw a Hydrostream Venom Powerboat …

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48 Responses

  1. stevepaladinikx11

    this would be cool if you got an actual drag boat. not saying that there aren't three or four people that don't race these boats that are intended to turn but it's not a real drag boat. drag racing deserves a V-drive

  2. Franklin Kody

    I would have that boat with that racing mercury over either one of them cars, besides if that boat had higher pitch prop he would do 135- 140

  3. austin russo

    where is the spot on the street their racing on located

  4. RamirezHD

    awesome! never thought about it! Great video with cameras everywhere. Always was thinking, when that boat is going to fly and flip over…damn

  5. Evan Gardner

    Did the evo have any turbo lag? Looks like it had the slowest acceleration.

  6. Linda Hinz

    100 in a boat feels way faster  compared to 100 in a car

  7. ruben molina

    mitsubishi lancer evolution como siempre haciendo de las suyas.

  8. GetTacoFaced

    Are those flood planes are legit swamps @ 2:46? But fucking awesome video guys!!

  9. TheSharpened Novice

    I like this idea a lot. Doesn't even have to be boat vs car. Although this is a good idea! But this channel isn't that street racing channel. All kinds of racing is welcome!

  10. s70driver2005

    what next TRC? a plane/helicopter up on the ridge?

  11. Pat Hyland

    you guys have to line up with a real drag boat lol something in the actual 8 second time bracket.

  12. Eric v

    I would too if the water was that calm and steady

  13. Michael Peasley

    we got a boat that would be fun to race some cars like that gps 180 in a 1/4 mile

  14. rc Ohio

    That outboard is a pretty sick sounding engine at idle!

  15. David Eagle

    I cant believe what people pay for outboard engines these day's.

  16. randomlathe

    this the same place where the guy drove the bugatti into the lake?

  17. BimmerM5e39

    Supra needs more power I think the drone was faster. Looks great otherwise

  18. fenderfan85

    I honestly never expected the boat to be that fast. lol. That thing hauls ass. Ive done around 75ish in a smallish boat but it felt like I was doing warp speed lol.

  19. Neil Quaintance

    do you guys like own that road or something? you're always racing at the same spot

  20. Edward Aguirre

    hey TRC what are the specs on the Supra? Just curious cuz I have a 1998 TT myself and that Evo seemed to pass it pretty easily.

  21. melbourne e. adams jr.

    just wanna THANK TRC for bringing back the old & wicked intro and giving the pink slip to that new corny intro. your otro is on point to.KEEP ALL THE WAY IT IS NOW. THANK YOU TRC!!!!

  22. mark hausz

    I have a silver 2015 mustang GT, live right by you guys….. Hope to see you around…

  23. CptCannibal

    You guys have some great shots/editing skill. Keep em' comin!!!!