Precision Drift Racing in New Zealand – Red Bull Drift Shifters

Like the smell of burnt rubber and 1200hp? The streets of Auckland City were transformed into a giant pinball-inspired drift track for a day …

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28 Responses

  1. Rea Denek

    !!u!!j!j!j!j!j!j!!jmjmkmmmĵmmjmjmjmjmĵmmjmjmju (((())))))♠♠♦♦♠♦♠♦♠♦

  2. ForcedFalcon

    For everyone wanting more Drift Shifters go look at +Oversteer TV. They cover all of NZ's drifting and make some of the best drifting films out there.

  3. شاديل اشانالي

    Please upload the full winning run of Mad Mike ! 😉

  4. Kieren Rogers

    If you listen carefully, you can hear the Americans weeping at the sight of an R34

  5. dr hurtz

    @redbull are you gonna upload the full event ljke you do for mountain bike and dirtbike events