Press Conference After Race Motogp Qatar 2017

Press Conference After Race Motogp Qatar 2017.

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18 Responses

  1. gerry zappa

    what a fun race ,,, i think dovi spoke well for his team and his race ,,, good four him,,,

  2. biLLis2000

    vinãles's face = lorenzo with mustache ✌😁

  3. Christopher Young

    Zarco has the speed. He needs more experience to gage how fast to start out with. He would have burnt up his tires before the end. Thats not usually his game plan either usually he is strong at the end of the race. Good things are coming for Zarco. Ianonie looks dangerous this year. The Suzuki is fast and handles well. That was a crash because of a dirty track. It is good to finally see some new riders up front. Dovi nearly paced himself to perfection. The Ducati is fast but it still doesn't handle at all. Lorenzo needs a perfect handling bike because he uses so much lean angle. He should have gone to Suzuki instead of Ducati. Its going to be a long season for him.

  4. OlioDiGombetto73

    bravo Vinales ma se continua cosi tra qualche anno avremo una motogp con solamente piloti spagnoli visto che Dorna gestisce le sponsorizzazioni in loro favore; è un dato di fatto che sia rimasto qualche italiano e gli altri paesi sono ancor meno rappresentati.
    Non ditemi che è questione di merito, a volte ma non sempre.

  5. frenk frenky

    if dovi decided to use medium rear tyre he would won the race.
    ducati is freaking fast

  6. Máté Ágoston

    3:44 Why are Yamaha guys controlling that much what Dovi says? 😀

  7. iskandar baik

    I think Johan Zarco is more better than onother riders.

  8. FiZZ

    What is that light blinking in Rossi's skid suit on his right arm