Qualifying highlights and eliminations from the Pro Mod classes at ADRL Dragstock 2016 at Gateway Motorsports Park.

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17 Responses

  1. Max Dickinson

    my favourite dragster was no 43 that looked like a rat rod thats my opinion

  2. Max Dickinson

    absolutely brilliant the best one for me was the dragster that looked in my opinion a rat rod keep up the good work and keep posting them a big thumbs up to you and your videos

  3. 45 ROB

    I'm not understanding the seemingly random 1000ft passes.Different class?

  4. Michael Hollier

    Another great vid hHillbilly vid, If America could settle world differences by the talent of the car/builder/teams/driver it would be more fun.

  5. Daniel Brealey

    LOL, oh that's great- "You Know My Name"!!! What a funny cunt

  6. Yokes27

    12:40 the green wrapped corvette dumped the chutes early but did it cost him that race? Also were some of them running 1000ft and others 1/8th mile? Regardless always love the coverage and been following you for years UHB, thanks

  7. BadSeed Black1911

    Pro mods? I don't see Kye Kelly or Big Chief 😂😂😂