Full coverage of the Outlaw Pro Mod and NHRA Legal Pro Mod classes from the PSCA Street Car Super Nationals in St. Louis.

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41 Responses

  1. Tim Prather jr

    Big respect for BigChief, moving on up to REAL racing. Not too bad for his first "Pro Mod"…..But damn…..4.20 ain't gonna cut it with the big dogs…..sub 4 to even compete……he'll get there eventually.

  2. Nicole Lingenfelter

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  3. sidebar recon

    That left lane is shit, all had problems with it. They should of prepped that slick bastard.

  4. ngh

    Sure hope someone decides to pick up Chief and help him out. He has the name and is a legit racer. Running that cast iron 455 pontiac won't cut it here. He is squeazing every ounce of power out of that thing as it is and now he's limited on which turbos he can run, boost levels, fuel, etc. That motor just can't compete with 900ci billet monsters. Good luck man!

  5. Bill Nye

    Every time i watch these events there isn't anyone in the stands

  6. Carlito Brigante

    good 1st race chief. You know that Pontiac is better on the street. Time 4 Upgrade.

  7. jazper Delacruz

    i always thought chief is the fastest. I guess I'm wrong

  8. MrTKOperformance

    birdman beat his ass out texas #1 keep comming lmao

  9. ghosty1119

    idk if its the video or what but the track looks kind of small

  10. Jeffro Bodene

    It's still not the same! You have door slammers with funny car engines competing against cars that are typically run on the street. Big bullies! You should win. I guess that makes you feel like a big-man…butt heads.

  11. paul couto

    I knew it would come down to 3.6's in the finals, that is so fucking fast goddamn. Surprised it wasnt in the 5's considering they hit 6's in the day time. Guess it must have been a cool temp day?

  12. paul couto

    beautiful cars, crow mod out powered and out classed im sure.

  13. Fernando Correa

    I see the accident for the lefth sid dont have grip on the tires because the big chief lost the direction whit promod and slow acelerations for dont shock whit another car, good idea but this guy dont think in this and destroye you car. All need tho see lefth way for dont have most accident. Remember of this guys.

  14. Play Game HD

    esses carros pega de 0 a 100 em 1 segundo é meio kkkk

  15. AlexCoronaPhoto

    The Ford Maverick liberally blowing it's doors off.

  16. A2theE2

    ahh St. Louis. could you smell Ferguson still burning over the race fuel?

  17. Peter Cross

    Pontiac GTO, the newest version, with upgrades: 2-1-3-5-5-5 could have won. If you know how to use it… trust me its beast mode. Lovin´ it.

  18. charles cameron

    go home big chief, or should i say little injun. you and your oklahoma duchebags need ta stay home

  19. brianmathew09

    blower cars dominate too much…they need to add weight or take some boost from them…sorry

  20. WildBillHabiki

    lol at the first car. how does he see out of that thing? he has some huge balls. i love it

  21. Jt Blayze

    Okay so question, what exactly makes a car a pro mod? Because that Camaro that ran after Chief had the stock body on it unlike every other car in the Legal Pro Mod bracket