PRO MODIFIED DRAG RACING -Throwdown in T-Town Fall ’16

Pro Mod Qualifying Highlights and Eliminations from Tulsa Raceway Park’s Fall 2016 ‘Throwdown in T-Town’ event.

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17 Responses

  1. Yokes27

    convertible camaro look alike at 8:00 pedaled it like 80ft out and still ran 3.76 @203. Thats immpressive

  2. Yokes27

    Amazing vids as always UHB. Any chance you can direct to where the competitor or qualifying sheets would be?

  3. 31 Ford

    The head on shots are awesome watching them leave the light!

  4. MrSLY DS

    Lots of blower cars. Looks like more blower cars than turbo and nitrous cars combined.

  5. rcandminilover

    Fantastic,video/footage as usual.Haven't,been disappointed yet.That's,why I subscribe.!!!

  6. furyIIIplate

    Seemed to be lots of "Jumps". Or I may simply have no idea what I am seeing.

  7. Turd Ferg

    Urban Hillbilly, you make the best drag racing videos!

  8. BOSKIE BLUE NOTE camaro

    Nice video them promods put on a dam good show

  9. dbn sign maker

    who dislikes this kind of video. great coverage guys

  10. Brandon Smith

    3 straight red-lights right lane for the finals. You see any issue with that?

  11. Mikal Wright

    Kyla car is fast just wish she would change that color of her car lol something meaner

  12. Javon Miller

    I like long vids do more of these long vids. Keep up the good work

  13. Jesse Jones

    I love how Keith Haney has u know my name on his car u know that is one bad bitch


    This one is for all of my old dvd customers. Doing a little experimenting with a long vid.Let me know what you guys think.