Professional Ford Rally Drivers Are Mind-Blowingly Fast Edmonton

This is professional WRC driver Jari-Matti Latvala on his day off in a historic rally. He is about to give you a lesson in how to drive like a raging lunatic. JM Latvala …

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41 Responses

  1. 08221944

    This is BADDER than NASCAR will ever be! Not Any Stock Cars ARound !

  2. TheDrunkknucklehead

    WTF does "Edmonton" have to do with any of this video?

  3. tosgem

    not really serious but in another life I'd love to have these skills and have some cop try to pull me over, and even they're in a faster car just leave them in dust

  4. Charles Halks

    You can't do this shit back in the states at least not where a wild magcon won't appear

  5. Wade's video's

    when your mom is late for work and still has to drop off the kids at school.

  6. rogerhommas

    This "Jari -Matti Latvala" did win the Swedish rally, in a Toyota, that has been "tested and built" for less than 1 year.
    His own website includes this also, as a weekend-hobby…😂😂

  7. David Martin

    pour une fois une voiture historique est conduite par un pro et pas par un amateur fortuné qui plante sa bagnole à chaque virage

  8. Jude Marie

    Got so into the video thought I was in the car there for a sec..held on fucking tight to my bed sheets bro..took a hard left and I just rolled off the freaking bed.

  9. spyrule

    sorry, ALL WRC drivers are mind blowingly fast. Not just ford's…. oy-veh!

  10. nic. indra

    now thats pro skill! i better watch this than straight line race

  11. S J Powell

    This is why historic rally and classic car racing is so exciting, but also worth saying it doesn't mean WRC is easy, this is perhaps just a little more raw

  12. Tristan Nel

    if i was in that car that would be the longest 14 min in my life. Its cool looking at the steering wheel with the road, just so much skill man crazy respect!

  13. TooPlotDidntWatch

    Remember when he had to get special permissions to race in the WRC in some countries, because he wasn't old enough to drive on their public roads? This guy has a long promising career ahead of him.

  14. King Julien

    that's what great about really, the driver insane, controlling the uncontrolled,

    anyway this still use manual with clutch right ? damn….

  15. Ben Conway

    why Ford rally driver's u can be any rally car and be this fast not just Ford's idiot

  16. Tom Strutt

    Hair-raising and amazing! Thanks for downloading. I'll try to breathe again.


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