Project CARS 2 Career Mode : INSANE DRIFT CAR!!

Thanks Project Cars 2 for partnering with me for this video. Check out the new Project Cars 2 game here! PC2 has the largest track roster on …

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49 Responses

  1. AR12Gaming

    Thanks for checking out the video guys! What do you think of Project Cars 2 so far?

  2. Julian Garibay

    It looked like it was steering like cars in nfs shift unleashed 2

  3. Carter Irvin

    i know you have played both Forza 7 and PC2. Which one would you say is more simulation?

  4. EtherealBloodshed X

    I'm gonna kind of leak something, their is a Ferrari 488 Challenge coming to the game, as far as I know not a whole lot of people know about or have seen it. Sadly though I believe it may be only to the people that signed up to be a WMD member two years back, but hey I'm not to sure, maybe for devs only.

  5. Frank DiStefano

    LOL sorry, but that first drift wasn't even a drift you failed rather hard. Love ya, but c'mon don't over hype your failed fishtails, yeah?

  6. Adam Maidment

    The driving looks so unrealistic. The cars turn faster than a nun being raped. This game has nothing on Forza apart from the selection of vehicle types.

  7. Hayden Ximba

    disliked the video as soon as he said "zero to 60 in 5 second is slow" and the car has 100hp

  8. Patrick Rock

    50% AI and complaining they are slow…. that's not racing…. that's a millennial feel good sim….

  9. Vital Glory

    I like how he pretends to check both mirrors while in interior view like he's actually in a real car… lmao

  10. Lee Butterworth

    The pop in on that Cosworth Logo on the bridge bothers me for some reason

  11. Jared Braverman

    The qualifying issue you ran into is sadly a bug that also existed in PCARS 1. I think they got rid of the option to fast forward the session (or I just didnt see it), but skipping to the end will pretty much consistently give you the result you saw.

  12. Uhreg

    as a Finnish guy i must say something about your argument about snow has grip and ice doesnt.. our winter is pretty much the same as in Canada 🙂 Depending on the tyres its not always like that. for example studded tyres are much better on ice than on snow, but studless tyres has zero grip on ice and a buttload of it on snow 🙂

  13. Kevo05sGaming

    I'm not sure about how I feel to the fact you don't know that drift car. It's madmike's radbull… it was in the stanceworks dlc in Project cars 1

  14. Dank Lord 69

    Beautiful game. Pre orderd it and it's probably gonna be here on Friday

  15. Tylertron 21

    20psi tire pressure ! Damn thats low ! No matter the sidewall height. Im a 36psi+ guy.

  16. Alex Swander

    Wow I'm impressed a circuit racing game for console that actually has a lot of tracks.

  17. Watching Guy

    Oh , is this NFS Shift 3? Damn, nothing new, features from shift 2

  18. Brap Brap

    The sound of Mad Mike's car is weird… idle sound perfect and redline sounds 100% accurate but everything else doesn't sound good… Nothing like what I heard at FD.

  19. Taras Domshyy

    are there any drift gameplays without anyone shouting like that

  20. The Pragmatist

    im a frza fan, but fm7 is quite bland and being $20 cheaper and a much more solid game i think i'll get this

  21. Gabe Burns

    That's madmiked drift car search him up he's insane the Mazda has 1500 hp

  22. MrDeathChicken

    Is nick's PC shitty or does this game really look like a PS3 game?