Quantum Drift | Tanner Foust Drives Everything | So Many Cars, So Little Time

Tanner Foust is one of the busiest men in motorsport. He has conquered Formula Drift, Rallycross, X Games, and even television as the host of Top Gear.

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24 Responses

  1. Dmitry DRIFT DAILY

    кен блок отдыхает! ахахахахах

  2. Андрей Лобанов

    Сплошная реклама энергетического говна, и дешевый знаком на к.блока. имхо

  3. Noah Rodriguez

    gotta love a driver who is super talented at all types of driving and wins what he does

  4. mando arellano

    Tanner Foust never disappoints, hope to see top gear back on

  5. Root Edge Gilmour

    it's a shame that he doesn't get the same amount of money that Block is given to make videos… Tanner would blow him out of the water like nothing…

  6. Wahyu Widodo

    I'm waiting for those 'Ken Block bla bla bla' comments to appea… oops..there it is..

  7. Eight Seven

    that dislike was brought by Monster™/Ken Block© .lol

  8. JoeyandLindsay

    Okay, the transitions between the trailers was pretty sick.

  9. leistungep3

    Tanner Foust is amazing in anything he drives. Great video. 👍😆👍

  10. Danger Dave

    Dear Rockstar, give me a free can please.
    thank you in advance

  11. Mid-South RZR & UTV Riders

    So early, only watching it in 360p. YouTube still has not finished rendering this full video to 1080p. YouTube is so slow. Great video Tanner! #PolarisRZR

  12. Sandra Van Buuren