RACER: Simon Pagenaud French Rally Visor Cam 2014

Racing ace Simon Pagenaud takes RACER on his latest adventure–winning the Rallye National de la Vienne in France–in our Visor Cam Series. Ride along …

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33 Responses

  1. alessio fabrizi

    this game looks really difficult without any HUD information, but damn the graphics are amazing!

  2. snarfadoodle

    The huge amount of trees on the side of the road did really make me nervous… one little mistake and you're fucked.

  3. Matias Corvino

    laaaa miércoles cómo va eso!!!! al corte en todos lados!!

  4. RubberDuck

    God i love high revving n/a engines with dogboxes, need new pants.

  5. Civilian S.Korea

    This is real View right? Not Fake? I think..anyway Amazing Speed :-0 

  6. Nicholas kent (ADVNick)

    Looks like how i drive to work every morning :)

  7. graikas

    For all of you that you think that it's speed up:
    1. You have no idea about rallying, rally car specs, driving techniques, etc.
    2. Go do some research or don't come back.

  8. TheDingleBruthers Inc.

    It does look fake, but the sound syncs up with the video, and it doesn't sound sped up. I'm 50/50 on this one lol

  9. Prince Charming

    how can he go that fast? don't his balls weigh him down? because holy shiittt!!!

  10. Егор Васильевич

    какой урод дизлайк въебал?