Racing a Rally Car on Public Roads in Portland, Oregon w/Tanner Foust | Donut Media

Tanner Foust races his VW Beetle rally car on a public road in Portland, Oregon. ▻Subscribe for more: You all have that one public street …

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29 Responses

  1. Ethan Ksor

    When I live in Portland and had no clue this was happening :(

  2. ABo MALA

    wow not only strait line in US ! i'm impress to see such road

    really nice video perfect quality
    to bad the car is ugly

  3. aleksin92

    Usually rally stages are public roads so the title doesn't make much sense

  4. TheMainMan318

    0:43 how do they get that camera angle? I understand he probably has a gopro mounted on his helmet, but wouldn't that mean his head is down and his eyes are up to look at the road?
    because at 0:47 we can see the road perfectly fine with no cut (giving us the sense that he just drove for 5 seconds with his eyes off the road)

  5. Michael Montella

    I mean this is like copying gymkhana but if theres anyone worthy of doing it, its Tanner Foust.

  6. Mr. Boondoggle

    The quality of your videos have skyrocketed lately. Good watch!

  7. black label

    Where's the big stupid guage in the middle of the dash?
    Fuck I hate modern beatles…

  8. invinciblejets

    Gay. Save this shit for Facebook or Instagram. Make a real video.

  9. björn sjöblom

    Tanner really need a new team…love that guy but ffs he drives a beatle-.-cant they atleast get u a golf or a passat:P

  10. gcX

    I fucking LOVE this car…. and that driver! Awesome combo!