Racing and Rally Crash Compilation Week 34 August 2017

This week’s compilation of rally crash, racing crash, bikes crash, nascar crash, rallycross crash, drift crash, etc… RACINGFAIL! IS AN ORIGINAL IDEA. DON’T …

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27 Responses

  1. Derrik Lee

    The spectators get so fucking excited when they crash, like calm your tits yo.

  2. Andreas Benning

    Hah, witty remark @1:02 , he says "I´m rolling", which somewhat is what Volvo means in latin. 😀

  3. SnakeEater 03

    Holy shit… that first crash… R.I.P. beautiful m3. Hope nobody got injured.

  4. Mark Pelto

    Where can I find more info or videos on the old rally trucks at 1:35 ? That class look awesome!

  5. Lucas Arthurs

    The Canadians with the aggressive clip. See, we're not so nice, eh?

  6. Crunchtime LFB

    Man the on boards when a car roles are brutal. R.I.P to the people who past away
    I love the GT-3s, I also love my Australian v8 Supercars

  7. skynet091287

    I've noticed a sort of trend in these videos: The bigger the crash, the shittier the video quality!

  8. MrWheelynut

    Great to see Unlimited Hydroplanes in there!! Keep up the awesome work.

  9. 5c0tt3wart

    At 5:32 the commentator's "ooooohhhh!" sounds just like the "ooooohhhh" from Destruction Derby 2 for the PlayStation1!

  10. Peter Crockett

    First, great video as always 🙂 But, I is confused? During the first five minutes is what I am talking about here , you have a 'driver' and a 'co-driver', right? The 'driver is driving (duh, hehe ) and the 'co-driver' is (supposed to be anyhow) telling the driver which way the next turn is and how tight, etc..,right?

    OK – So in my mind, one of the two goofs is either not doing their job worth spit, or is not listening! I mean the way it goes is…
    DNW>DFL>DNF Right???

    If that's the case, then WTF go bombing into a corner 2X faster than you can possibly get through it??? Where's the disconnect here??? What am I missing??? I assume the two have worked together and know each other and speak the same language and all that, right???

  11. cdname47

    Channel 1: Riding a bike normally. Channel 2: Riding a bike side saddle. Channel 3: Look, no hands.

  12. Kendall Kiser

    These all seem so realistic. It is crazy. Just a suggestion. Supermoto crashes as well

  13. Blame USA

    Has one of those shity Volvos ever actualy completed a rally stage?