Racing drone films drifting in Japan at Ebisu Circuit / North Course

I made this video because I thought the whole thing was surreal and awesome! I had never seen a racing drone in real life, even though I have a lot of experience with DJI drones such as my…

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  1. tearaw drift

    guys who fly these kinda of drones are insane lol, i fly a mavic pro and try to do a similiar angle with like 10% of the speed these things have, will be incredible when theres a combination of the speed of these and the video quality of dji products

  2. 86Themadhatter

    Me in any online drift lobby in Assetto Corsa trying to tandem with people but keep getting dropped 🙁

  3. tobyadog

    Wonder if anyone can fly these things with a lower field of view. Also the lens flares from the brake lights at 9:16 look pretty dang sweet.

  4. BigBrap

    Gives it a really unique point of view cause your on the track taking picures. I like that

  5. Damien Sanchez

    To the guys at lone star drift I’m an currently 13 and will be drifting at the events now on do y’all have any advice for me

  6. D_ Baggington

    great concept, the overhead follow cam would be nice but dive bombing chase cam is awesome.

  7. barhydttyler

    Dude that guy is a motha effin beast at flying that drone.. it is MUCH harder then he makes it look. Pretty awesome how these drones have evolved. 80mph drone that will kill you if it hits you.. damn.

  8. Lonnopo

    Siick! Still can't believe how awesome this community is! Some of the friendliest people I've ever met. Hopefully I can go back with an even faster setup and one that can get longer range to get around the whole course. That way I can start further down the hill which would make it a lot easier to get right up on them. Thanks again Aaron and all of the Lone Star guys, I know why they call it heaven week now 😉

  9. Yuuyia Takahashi

    There is a channel I watch called flight test and they have FPV for the planes they build. I’ve waiting for some baller drone pilot to film drifting this way!

  10. BackIntoGear

    I love the drone sound.. it sounds like a small supercharger bouncing off rev limiter lol

  11. Hammerhaus Kennel

    That guy is a phenomenal pilot! And once again, shockingly good looking footage out of that GoPro Session.

  12. vip_factory

    thats pretty neat for sure. I had heard of this drone racing before and never understood how it worked. All makes sence now.

  13. Nimbus

    I feel like Aaron has adopted as weird foster child named "Drifting" as he is doing his best to make sure it grows up right with good values that will lead him to a long prosperous and enjoyable life, introducing him to the right people to learn , develop and be influenced by those who will most preserve and enhance life in general. lol


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