RACING IN THE RALLY COMPETITION, Warning: Lots of Crashing – My Summer Car Gameplay Highlights Ep 21

We’re checking out some My Summer Car gameplay highlights and funny moments. Following up from ep 1, we have our vehicle decked out with the best parts …

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29 Responses

  1. Jebsta LP

    There are Apps for your Phone to emulate a Steering wheel! You should try it

  2. Koji Gaming

    There are a lot of great comments down below. I agree with the people saying stripping the ENTIRE car was a bit much. It completely throws off the balance of the vehicle. And since it's a FWD car, you'll want the extra weight (Doors, hood and seats) to keep it on the ground since it already weighs much less without the RWD driveshaft, bigger gearbox, and heavier rear end to accent the heavy rear differential. You should be fine with all the parts on the car. The only thing I would experiment with, if I was you, would be the rear wing. See if you like it better with or without that extra little bit of downforce. Personally, I'd leave the wing off if it doesn't have any affect on the car. It's not big enough to be a rally wing! But, if you like the way it looks, keep it on there. To each his own. Hope I gave somewhat helpful tips.


  3. LGKvideos

    Oh my god. This chjannel is skyrocketing. When I came along (not a long time ago) he was on like 20000. Now he is allready on 56 000. Well done Gray. We all like you and you're the best. Also, steering wheel usually doesn't make you drive worse. When I was playing with keyboard I was a lot better than when playing with a wheel. Now I have a Xbox controller and for PC gaming I think that's the best choice.

  4. Sven Hinka

    take out the exhaust(full) and dash. You don't need the clocks during a race and no exhaust helps the engined spit out exhaust much faster -> more hp. If possible, mount dirt tires. Have fun

  5. bigun89

    PS3 controller…. PS4 controller…. N64 controller…. literally anything but a keyboard.

  6. Beric

    This was great. I love your videos. Keep em coming! Satana Perkele!

  7. Ralfs Laksa

    Gray I expected you to die more than once in this video. but still its fun to watch you rage…

  8. Billiamiscool

    Grey, if your too tired to make videos, than don't, your viewers understand that if you need a break you need a break. Though I must commend you, as despite being very tired you sound very sprite-ly

  9. Ossi I

    Gotta love those Finnish curses. I noticed myself translating my own cursing in my head today while yelling "perseen vittu" to myself (pussy of an ass) and "perkeleen vittu" (pussy of the god of thunder) xD

  10. ClayCGaming

    "some people FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!" best part of this video, hands down!

  11. Melody Storm

    Drive with doors? :3
    I dunno, why real racers drive with hoods on and doors on?

  12. skater 0013

    your right Haanken thorax I just looked up wat it was someone told me it was only two strokes but now I know it's when a motor reaches it's max rmps

  13. Tyler Sprague

    just put the v8 in it who cares i doubt it will. rip in half

  14. Kaito Shion

    Gray, your air/fuel mixture is just a little bit off. Two years of auto service tech classes taught me that the perfect air/fuel ratio, or stoichiometric number, is 14.7:1 (14.7 parts air to 1 part gas) at operating temperature, this gives you the perfect balance of power and fuel economy. You're running at 14.0:1 now, but you can adjust the ratio if you want more power or better gas mileage. If you want to squeeze every drop of power out of your engine, the number you want to shoot for is 12.6:1 at operating temperature, or if you want to get the best gas mileage, set the ratio to 15.4:1.

  15. Das_Bass

    You need to drink beers to race. They were giving you a +10 sec penalty for every beer you didn't drink. You need a BAL of .08 to even sign up. that man was nuts to let you drive without any beers.

  16. Clay Cleveland

    I'm not sure why cussing is an issue.. it's funny tbh!

  17. Mehmet Emin GÖZTEPE

    when you want to accelerate faster downshift so your rpm would be higher and you produce more power and accelerate faster.And dont downshift too much or your engine will fly away

  18. Dimilixer37 Tsuyame

    I GOT AN IDEA.Get the engine in the muscle car and replace the engine of your cab
    Then try it out!

  19. Vexy Gaming

    gray you are a really good youtube you will be the next pewdiepie you deserve more subscribers m8!

  20. john erickson

    Gray! I have noticed that you're getting pretty much popular because of My Summer Car, please keep doing it.