Racing Miatas + Drifting High HP Cars on a SICK Race Track!

ONe of the best days I’ve every had. I got to beat the crap out of a beater miata with Adam, and drift some really awesome cars on Harris Hill Raceway! FOLLOW …

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49 Responses

  1. shay rubino

    In this video you'll see a mustang in its natural environment, loosing traction to the back wheels and spinning out that is. Thankfully there were no by standers to be eaten up by the hungry grill of the American beast.

  2. Live For The Day

    Taylor you act so butthurt when someone does better than you, you don't have to be the best at everything.. It really bothers me when you "brag" about having more experience and shit. I'm the same way but I don't brag, just keep it to yourself please. It's annoying to be around people like that

  3. Paul Bawden


  4. Christian Hansen

    Taylor Ray , by far your best video I've watched!! Badass track, awesome video quality of drift laps. Watched the whole thing hooked up to the flat screen ha

  5. LemmingRush

    I'm watching 16:16

    Can anyone explain to me the advantages of a hydraulic ebreak as opposed to using your clutch to start a slide?

  6. mobshit mobshit

    why am i getting like 3 ads per video that sucks

  7. Alex Zamora

    Seeing you go at it is making me what go buy a mx5 to drift

  8. Rob Rosa

    Taylor, hypothetical situation, if AdamLZ suddenly wanted to have a threesome, would you do it with Nicole?

  9. Chris Banks

    its not kareless in general taylor its kareless original

  10. Aaron Ryder

    I feel like one thing people forget about Miata's is the fact that if you roll one, you aren't living. As amazing as they are, their bodies are pretty weak.

  11. Max Gannon

    you should tell adam to upload his slower, or you get better internet hotspots lol, cuzzzz I know you lost <3 but I still love you .  honestly you are one of the most under watched guys. I'm glad you started doing this channel way back when

  12. likegames3

    Awesome drifting Taylor, you make it look easy!

  13. boom shakalaka

    I let the ads play just for your mr ray 😉

  14. Dylan Marteen

    What I LOVE about taylors videos is he uses actual music not that bullshit elevator edm all these sellouts use! Taylor is the fuckin man. Always keeping it real

  15. JDM Owner

    thought it says ricer miata but it was racing miata lol

  16. Josh E

    you look like you were having the time of your life bro.

  17. Joseph B

    Wow Taylor this was one awesome vid!! No intro, right to the point and all fun and games. I love it!!!

  18. simon leblanc

    its amazing we can see your foot work Taylor your drift beast!!!

  19. commackmk3

    That happy feeling you get when your 18 minutes in to the video and your at the halfway point

  20. Kelvin Harris

    Did anyone else notice they literally are all wearing sunglasses?

  21. bryan york

    awesome video! stop advertising how good the E36 is! We dont need anymore drift tax!

  22. j0bbers

    This looked like so much fun. definitely a day you will never forget

  23. MiserablePlayer

    stop film adam's wife ASS dude, we all know u like it.. damn

  24. Wyatt Herring

    Man, just found your channel but most of your titles are clickbait.

  25. Will Cooper

    TAYLOR… when you get the chance to drive other ppls cars, you should try to get a little run down of what youre driving. looks FUN AF

  26. TriKru -S-

    6:23 (eu time), cold beer, fresh made pizza and a 37 minute video. Can the weekend start any better.. ?

  27. painkiller118

    that was awesome, wish there was stuff around where I lived so I could do this.

  28. Dr Drifts Adventures

    u worry too much about adam out driving you.(the other vids out portray this)….instead look at it as your a good teacher and he is flourishing!
    Keep up the good work man, U killing it…