Racing Mower Build Pt. 3: Wheelies & Drag Racing

This week, we swap the front pulley on the lawn mower, making it faster and wheelie happy. Thanks for Watching! Go Power Sports website: …

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23 Responses

  1. Pedro

    1:22 most people that do an Australian accent sound like bogans (aussie rednecks) but yours sounds like a normal Australian.

  2. 351 garage

    my slammed craftsman 15.5hp kohler govenor removed with 8 inch front pulley 3 1/2inch rear pulley ran 45 mph with no brakes

  3. mark true spurs fan

    fix the block, port what you can, brakes, lower it, wheelie bar, fresh oil change spark plugs filter and see how that goes guys I'm betting to see lil gains in power and better acceleration maybe 45 mph lol

  4. Jacob Hidalgo

    The mower is freakin AWESOME!!!! I love it! You guys keep up the good work with it, and most of all please keep making videos!!

  5. Rafael Bucio Jr.


  6. ChXP⁶ cHxP⁶ CHxP⁶

    hey guys check settings. this video wasnt in my feed

  7. Harry Patterson

    I think just turn it into a machine and put a ew motor and lower it or just put the 600cc motor on it

  8. redsaw 90

    ok my buddys you got me wanting to redo my ayp …used to have it real fast like that

  9. Ezekiel Burgos

    can't u just take the cap off where the belt is and poor the mixture like thay

  10. george bercharlie

    straight pipe carb wheelie bar camshaft i dont know mowers but id think that would get you over 40 if they make a high end cam for a mower

  11. Dawson Parks

    BURN OUT PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!