Racing Nissan GTR VS Duramax Diesel 1/4 mile drag race- start video @3.55 sec

1/4 mile drag race with Nissan GTR vs 2002 Duramax Diesel. Race took place 7-30-2011 at Auto club drag way (fontana ca.) Diesel Wins with a 11.54 @ 123 Vs …

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34 Responses

  1. Iron16head

    Lots of people don't realize diesel are fast. I have cars try to race me sometimes.

  2. Val S.

    something is wrong with the GTR ,I ran 12.4 on a stock 2013 E550 coupe with all season tires.

  3. Kyle Dixon

    yup and alot of the parts are made in japan

  4. Kyle Dixon

    dont forget the duramax was engineered by Izuzu in japan so America cant take all the credit good race.

  5. Nickolas Thrower

    gtr's come with at least 545-600 hp STOCK, weighing a little over 3000 pounds. for a full sized truck to wax his ass is very impressive

  6. Lane Waite

    hold on. I read "the truck barely beat the GTR". are you kidding me? the truck had at least 5 car lengths on the GTR in just a quarter mile.

  7. Ben Waldron

    a respectable truck.but keep in mind the gtr barley lost and its 100% stock, I say if the duramax gets time to get his big ass aftermarket turbo up to speed, then the GTR should at least be able get some bigger turbos on it

  8. Kristian Griffin

    Fucking idiot callum all big boy diesels truck have turbo to burn that excessive amout of fuel being pored into it to create that kinda low end power to pull 20,000 pounds from a stand still and that Rice cooker has one to make all that extra power and cant hold a candle to that turbo diesel a 7,000 turbo diesel

  9. Kristian Griffin

    Lmao Duramax killed it with that Allison tranny ewwww weeeee big 7,000 pound truck destroying a 100,000 dollar Rick cooker gotta love it Godzilla my ass King Kong is beating that mofo down

  10. MrAllister9

    Lets not forget that this is a 7,000lb truck and you can see the first 2 shifts by the soot coming out the pipe that he didnt even have it pinned until a couple seconds after he took off … thats some serious torque

  11. Joe Martinez

    So many people are fooled by seeing big numbers for HP. This truck also has an ass load of torque to go along with horsepower. Horsepower isn't everything. I own a '12 F350 Powerstroke. Ive got a few upgrades, replaced the weak turbo with an 88mm atmospherical, tuner, cold air, and exhaust. I dyno around 550 hp but over 1000 ft/lbs of torque. And get 19 mpg on the high way.

  12. Paul Chamberlin

    clearly the baboon in the GTR cant shift worth 2 shiEts lol.

  13. RickC707

    Not impressed, it was only a shitty little rice burner. They're made to get destroyed by American muscle.

  14. realmoner

    I went to to TX2k event in Houston, And home of trucks ! I did not witness not one Truck go up against a modified GTR. These cars were all under 10 sec. Specially The AMS.

  15. omar alvarez

    And if all yall retards didn't know all turbos are for just adding power its called turbo normalization if you don't know now you know dumbasses

  16. omar alvarez

    And here we go all the American Muscle haters import lovers rice burners making fun of American Muscle because in the u.s.a you get a big v8 with just one turbo and you make 1,0000000000 hp. but jdm if you get a little v6 and you put two turbos and then you only get 650 hp fuck all you rice loving tree huging foggets!


    I'm glad to hear your doing better on weight. I just ordered new turbo. I hope it doesent upset you. Can we stop with this now.


    Call un it's more like 80 psi. Get on a diet so you can fit into a car. Then go race and prove whatever point you have. I've owned six mustangs and a grand national. By far my truck makes more power. I really like diesel trucks. If you had enough money to buy one you would love it. Man up and go diesel you gashole.


    Who cares if the truck has a turbo. That's like me complaining the GTR has a stick. Please say some more stupid stuff so we can laugh at you some more.


    Callum you sure seem hurt by this. I'm not gonna call you names or cry on the Internet. If your a man then act like one. I doubt you would say that at the track in front of people. Take a deep breathe.

  21. Callum Wearne


  22. Dat Clutch

    I like how the duramaxx guy knew he would win so he put the go pro facing backwards.

  23. Durham Burgess

    Lol here's an idea… Edit out all the bs before and after the race.

  24. Scott Lincoln

    Holly shit…. that's frickin amazing- that Duramax was hooked up, to beat a GTR is pretty impressive.

  25. tyler vitayanuvatti

    Duramax are fassst.  Turn up the boost and high flow turbo and your making like 1000hp.  I personally like imports the most but generally anything that's fast.  I give credit where it's due.

  26. Pvulture b

    Tricked out truck lol but it was a cool run.

  27. burtonsnowboards1621

    The GT-R is a 10 sec car STOCK. Theres nothing stock about that redneck mobile

  28. Q Speed Racer

    Either high altitude or GTR didn't use launch control to run 12.4.. My local track where DA normally a 1,000 stock they usually run about 11.5

  29. BolognaTheTiger

    What's that power to weight bullshit ricers always bring up?…
    Torque : weight > power : weight…

  30. rougen512

    Christ bro, edit out the first 3:45min/sec of this video and spare everyone