Radial vs The World – Fastest Drag Radial Cars Video Coverage

Radial vs The World Video Coverage from No Mercy from SGMP Duck X Productions! 1/8th Mile Drag Racing Like The Video? Show me by Giving it a Like, …

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20 Responses

  1. Ross-MoDz-HD-YT PS3_Modder/CFW&OFW_Modding

    I'm suprised that they don't do wheelies when they pull off

  2. Antonio Ferreira

    Seen no radials here ,,, Maybe Rotary´s ? hum … my mistake . RADIALS? NAH!

  3. paradisemace1

    I cant wait for one sixty fourth of a mile racing. Boy… the insurance companies will really be happy then.

  4. Eric Carta

    whats realy wrong "dig daddy" we all know old man Don Gartlis don't mess with the name he is still alive

  5. RE Marketing

    Surprised so many people allowed to stand beside and almost in front of a 3000hp car burning out. When one of these monsters loses control people are going to get broken legs