Rally Car Almost Crashes Into Tractor | Brake Check

That was a close call! During a rally car practice race in Germany, a tractor emerges out of the fields onto the course just as the car speeds around the corner.

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46 Responses

  1. CAR GUY

    Tractor driver was like.
    Why thoso guys are 0.o OH SHİT REVERSE

  2. WtrDogg20

    THOSE BRAKES!!!!! That was ABS + BA + EBD at its best!!! Hyundai is not playing!!!!

  3. abdulaziz “xnx55” al-etaibi

    those brakes woken the dead in the area

  4. Winston Knowitall

    I can't decide what's more impressive – the rally car's brakes or the tractor's reverse.

  5. InsaneDynamics

    That could have ended badly, Did nobody tell the vineyard workers that there is a RALLY RACE at their workplace?

  6. Bimo Dwiputro

    that tractor was like..
    "ooohh shit! oh shit! oh shit!"

  7. ركود .ا

    ربك ستر عليهم ولا كان صارو في خبر كان 

  8. BMW Fan

    Scheisse was für harte Bremsen. Richtig gut runter gebremst

  9. Graeme Wilson

    They should probably tell everyone that owns land around there to avoid the road

  10. DarkoTDR

    That's what you get for driving in a highly industrious area :D

  11. MrConstantComments

    come by and check it out. thanks :)