Rally Car Crashes Into Spectators

Contact licensing@viralhog.com for licensing/usage info.) Jolly Rally, Valle d’Aosta 2014, a spectacular accident in Italy. Amazingly, no one injured. Talk about …

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18 Responses

  1. Drama Stuhl

    they would have deserved to get hit for standing at this spot…

  2. Kikru Belho

    why do these numbnuts think they could get away easy if the rally car ever come close to them???these numbnuts are real lucky this time…

  3. Antoine

    This pops up when I google for "Lightning hits rally car" What's this bs? Ffs, fuck off Youtube.

  4. Cyberion XI

    They seem having great time at park while race still on going.

  5. leave this empty

    sit on the outside of a turn, real smart

  6. Adam Wilson

    More around spectators than into them. Scary though!


    God was definitely looking out for those people watching

  8. Sick Git

    Notice it's the lazy ass girl/s who won't bother moving and were the furthest away with the most time!

  9. JD L

    Agreed, there should be a pamphlet saying don't be here unless you want to die.

  10. Matthew Ure

    With that luck she should win the lottery

  11. MrZlodeus

    На 0:02 чётко прослушивается: «Ой, ёб…» 🙂

  12. SimpleVillain

    Everybody moved except for that one girl…super lucky.

  13. Alison Cassidy

    Worst place in the world to stand while spectating. PROTIP: never, ever stand on the outside of a corner, or at the apex, or on an escape road.