Rally Car Jumps Over Dog (with slow motion)

An oblivious dog is miraculously not hit by rally car. Amazing! Original video – Zuasnabar le salva la vida a un perrito: …

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30 Responses

  1. LPS Camaro Girl

    Well, the dog was very lucky ❤ I am happy that nothing happened to him 💕

  2. Fehrium

    The guy who edited the video must be retarded. Seriously you never saw a video before? That cut made me almost vomit.

  3. AMYAS Seek Truth (RX8 1JZ)

    The dog has balls… he doesn't a zoom function on his GoPro so he decided to get closer -

  4. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Holy shit lol that was awesome

  5. ボルトBandicoot

    Make the world a safer place by driving a Mitsubishi.

  6. lynx318therealone

    Upvoted for linking original video! Cats might have nine lives, but has anyone counted dogs lives?

  7. grace peace

    why were you shooting the film and not saving the dog??? at least something i mean to scare the dog away to get off the road… i don't understand and what if it got killed would you film it as well???

  8. Janine Richards

    Brings new meaning to the phrase "Let's go to the races."

  9. supersasukemaniac

    not really miraculous. Those bumps are in such a way that if those cars hit them at  high enough speed they go airborne.

  10. Alquimista Siempre

    se nota como acelero ese auto para saltar al perro, un exelente conductor