Rally Car Overview and Prep

A quick look at rally cars, what goes into building a rally car and a few considerations for high speed driving on rough roads.

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23 Responses

  1. Gustavo Mello

    cool that you can explain it in a way anybody can understand

  2. Jake Ells

    Love the content you guys are doing recently. Would be very interested to see what kind of alignment specs you guys run on the cars. Keep up the good work!

  3. viciousocean

    awesome video, makes you realize how much different is a Rally car from a regular track car!!

  4. Rally Plasma

    Wyatt, are those engine mounts and transmission mounts that you pointed to only available in the M-Sport R2 cage kit or are there off the shelf solutions as well?  Also, do those mounts connect to existing points on the engine and tranny case of a base fiesta car or are those points also only available on a kit car with the upgraded engine and seq. tranny?  thanks in advance!

  5. iAmKing144

    How about a car setup video? (How to tune suspension, etc while testing)

  6. Alessio Sonaglio

    from R3 to WRC cars all brake discs we mount are all slotted, of course not drilled (Not only because of dirt getting into the holes but also because drilled rotors are overall way fragile) but slotted rotors are pretty common (Even on gravel)…only N groups (AT least here in italy) mount normal vented rotors but N group are pretty much street cars with safety equip, some small things (Like engine mounts) and better suspensions with very little work on engine, so they don't really need that much braking

  7. Int john

    This is the kind of video i was waiting for from you guys. Great one!

  8. Gaston Martinez

    OMG! I took so many ideas from here to apply in my rally car!!! thanks!

  9. J - DAWG

    Crossed drilled rotors are bad in any application. They don't add any sufficient cooling effect, they provide less rotor surface for the brake pads to grab, and they are weak and crack.

  10. Zack Taylor

    THIS channel is so helpful. KEEP it up guys! Great way to get new kids into this! 🤙🤘🤘

  11. Daniel Hao

    I wish someone can do one on track day cars. Still learnt a lot about rallying though.

  12. MrSnowrocks

    Was that the car (the first black car) that rolled up Mt Washington?

  13. 21st Century Hot Rodder

    If you rally a stock car "your gonna have a bad time"

  14. Aaron Gonzalez

    so, dumb question. does a car tire exist akin to bfg ko2's and the like? basically an everyday tire that offers a bit more grip on dirt and gravel roads that aren't rally spec tires? any recommendations are welcome. loving the videos by the way.

  15. joey michael

    Does team O'Neil rally have any interest in starting a Global Rally cross division in the future???

  16. Esᴘɪᴏɴᴀɢᴇ Uɴɪᴛᴇᴅ


  17. Rotchild Francois Jr

    Is there a specific reason why the mesh is connected directly to the radiator and not to the grille?

  18. Thaiseaweed

    "if your engine mounts break, you're gonna have a bad time"

  19. Rotchild Francois Jr

    Freaking love these frequent videos. Really interesting stuff