Rally Car Racing – Subaru STI Rally Car Explained

The 2015 Subaru STI rally car build for Rally America features some unique engineering to optimize the car for rally racing. In this video we’ll be checking out …

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49 Responses

  1. snoopunit

    still waiting for the video to load and i already liked it :D

  2. AndStuffz

    1:01 – Does anyone know how they achieve higher torque at lower RPM than the stock engine?

  3. jose jalapenho

    does group A rally cars usualy use straight cut gears?

  4. Domenico Cop

    Where could you buy the front bumper, side skirts and hood or were they custom built? Thank you

  5. Julius Jones

    outrageous, 1200 miles & then a motor swap 😟😢😅

  6. Kendall Coates

    Makes me proud to be an owner of a 15 sti. I'm wanting to get into racing, and then rally soon. Thank you so much for all your videos they are all great and very educational. The thing I appreciate most is you always prove thing with tests or explanations. Thanks!

  7. Tracie Lyons

    Interesting to hear that they run the EJ20 instead of the EJ25.

  8. Shae Smith

    Can you tell me if they make the wheels wells deeper too? I'm a little confused by how the suspension is set up. Thanks everyone!

  9. FrickenHamster

    Anyone know why subaru has a different restriction on the restrictor size?

  10. Igor Bogdanov

    Seems that nearly whole car is different from stock STI. Things like exhaust restrictor and super expensive struts are well known. But there are special sub frames, suspension arms and housings and nearly whole body enforcement not only with roll cage but with some inner enforcers (actually do not know how to call in English cylindrical parts placed in the spars). There is not much information about this in the internet.

  11. ZPERO

    does the antilag system work like any of the ones you covered in your als video?

  12. Dominic Paré

    IDEA FOR VIDEO: Does electric cars have transmissions and if not why?

  13. meaw meaw!

    Im building a rally/baja car, and want to put the cat at the exhaust tip, like in the video…. is it dangerous to daily drive it like that? because of the eat and chanses to cough on fire? because Ive seen them and they glow red… thanks… any information would be apreciated.

  14. LemonSalmon1

    Which rally does Subaru compete in now? Haven't seen them in WRC for a while. Anyone know if we will see Subaru in WRC in the near future?

  15. Darin A.

    The anti-lag system does not inject air into the exhaust but detonates fuel to keep the turbo spinning ….

  16. nathan cotty

    could u do another one of these videos but older generation rally cars

  17. Tambra Sisk

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  18. Alex Zhukov

    How do they make 15 inch method wheels clear the brakes? Are the brakes smaller then the stock ones?
    People (myself included) are trying to fit 16 inch aftermarket wheels on stock wrx brakes with no luck.

  19. Kameron C

    Can you comment on why a Rally car engine Chrips when the driver let off gas, is it compressor surge?

  20. lrnlrn

    Would love to watch an extended version of this. I know your just scratching the surface of what makes these race cars so unique and cool

  21. nathan gaona

    SUBARU HAD A PERFECT SEASON FOR RALLY!!!!!! congrats to subaru rally team usa

  22. Charles Bulinski

    I'm surprised you don't use rally more for explanations given the numerous engineering applications they use in a multitude of environments. I'd like to see more rally/raid engineered videos if you haven't run out of things to explain about them already.

  23. Sirena

    I wish that the WRC wouldn't have implemented the rule of a 1.6L max engine size. I liked seeing Subaru in WRC.

  24. Sirena

    It's strange to me that there would be a catalyst on a rally car.

  25. Benjamin Gazdik

    I love this episode!! Racing is everything to me, about cars and honestly in life, I wanna go fast and win races. So if you were to do more of these I would NOT be opposed!! Very good episode sir, very good!!

  26. Peter Konrad Konneker

    This is awesome. One of my favorite videos. Cool to see how a real track machine is designed. Much more pragmatic than I assumed.

  27. Дарко Јанковић

    What sequential gear box are subaru using?

  28. Jacinth Gudetti

    Can they use active aerodynamics? Like air brakes? Or did they choose not to because it's too flimsy?

  29. TurdFurgeson571

    Can't wait to see your review and test drive for this car!

  30. ThaReal “C-Lo” CLo

    Awesome but too short for what it could have been. A LOT of this is already known by anyone who knows what a rally car is. Go more in depth with structural designs, safety ect.

  31. Arvid Broms

    How does the wider brakes compensate for smaller diameter?

  32. Jared Tate

    1200 stage miles is a lot lol

    also what do they rev too like 4k rpm ?
    prob makes a lot of torque and 300hp at 3.5k rpm or so. so very punchy and lots of power down low, all bottom end – mid range.

    can u talk more about rally cars…
    suspension, air filters, skid plates, steering, etc

  33. prandomable

    from what I've learned in my automotive school class, the closer the cat is to the exhaust manifold the better and more efficient it is. Because Catalytic converter needs to be heat up quickly to 500 fahrenhait to work probably.

  34. Juan Ramirez

    I knew much of this but thanks for clarifying some other stuff.

  35. Daniel Lobo

    I don't get, why does Subaru gets tougher restrictions than the other guys? is it because its a boxer?