Rally Car Sound – Porsche GT3 vs Mitsubishi Evo ..

2014 Rally car Sound +6 min of Pure rally sounds! Insane Porsche GT3 rally and Mitsubishi EVO and more rally cars.

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18 Responses

  1. All Music Free Music without copyright

    WooW Good Job 😉 You Rock Man

  2. James Vici

    Porsche sounds the best definitely. Not even a competition

  3. Joe Winker

    At 1:50 the red evo has the best anti lag soo loud wtf how do u get that type of anti lag my god !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kris Diantara

    what's the matter in racing?? sound or speed?? I prefer choose evo

  5. Ethereal Entity

    they abandon the line near the bystanders. Good show!

  6. Chase Wheeler

    agree Tom. For the money can't beat the Evo. Basically a poor man's Porsche. I love my Evo X, but if money were no object I would def go GT3.

  7. CarEnthusias Ber

    Its like all of a sudden Big foot Roaring in the forest lol

  8. Tom Chak

    The Porsche costs around 8 times more than the EVO. But yet EVO is good enough to be racing against the Porsche. the EVO has already won.


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  10. Robi9944

    The white/green porsche sound are great! Absolutly the best one, even the red Evo at 2:00.. incredible