Rally Car Vs Bobsleigh – Ice Race – Top Gear – Series 5 – BBC

Hammond and Captain Slow go head to head in a battle of gravity verses horsepower, as Richard joins a bobsleigh team and James rides shotgun in a …

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38 Responses

  1. David Gunner [Ross Graham]

    The last good Evo WRC Car (Group A)
    The Mitsubishi Evo 6.5 (2001)

  2. Kenny Carroll

    thanks LG TV. but it's the last bit of music when they have finished racing

  3. MrFlipperboy15

    they use a different song on the 'greatest hits' dvd, anyone know what that one is called?

  4. SyScript

    if only colin mcrae could have been there
    he would have torn the track apart with his subaru

  5. justforever96

    Didn't they do like basically a remake of this whole video in one of the series? I think it was even the same track, with the road going down near it, crossing under it in several places. I remember they do the same trick where the car and sled cross paths at the same moment and everything. It might have been the one with the female skeleton racer, but I'm not sure.

  6. Thanos T

    Why the HELL didn't they also film it from a Helicopter to show simultaneous courses?

  7. Dezza Manezza

    I remember the first time I watched this, my heart was absolutely pounding at 5:57 lol

  8. Aylin Yilmaz

    i like you so much guys, this is amazing movie, thank you so much ! 

  9. Freddy Harper Davis

    I really enjoyed the race as it didn't seem fake and wasn't stupid (apart from the end)

  10. Luis Ferreira

    Five That awesome rallydriver his co-pilot and he will win!

  11. Henning Dietze

    i can remember there was a time race of a bobsleigh down and a motocross UP the course. i can't find it on youtube :(

  12. Saad Emran

    Dont take anythig from the driver though, he seems awfully skilled !

  13. LiezAllLiez

    Im surprised. I was sure it would be extremely one sided (in favor the bobsleigh) but the times are more or less even…