RALLY CAR VS FORMULA – Hill Climb Racing 2 [Full HD]

Welcome back guys to another experiment video! Which vehicle do u think it’s faster? The rally car or the formula? Have fun by watchng this video! *Add me …

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23 Responses

  1. CoconutBro

    Thank u very much for your opinion! Soon we will post videos with the games that u choose, for this don't forget to subscribe to be up to date.

  2. Ioni Dimitrov

    Aspalt 8 or need Ford speed choose mayby Cash Royale

  3. Rudy Holtrop

    Asphalt Airborn 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a fun game you can race with alot of cool cars like a lambo aventadore or a motorcycle. Play it

  4. X Gunner 5000

    Some noob says Clash Royale… bad thing… the world is infected by Clashism