Rally Cars Anti-Lag Launches & Accelerations! – Rally Legend 2016

During the 14° Rally Legend 2016, I have filmed lots of rally cars taking off as they started their night rally stage! Just like the start of every rally race, every car …

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32 Responses

  1. Gracho gracho

    #YouTube-Hero !!! Thanks great event and of course you share it
    …..how long is the time countdown till your favorite THE ITALIA …..hope you come closer to ferrari ,i wish you the best….would you also produce your own race license?

  2. Gijsi

    Ah, back in the day when Lancia's were still good.

  3. MultiLuc28

    Imagine such a monster as a daily sleeper.

  4. ArcturanMegadonkey

    that video is sex on four wheels! so many classics!
    thank you

  5. The Real MVP

    That audi quattro rally car sounds heavenly

  6. ReaperCheGuevara Alexander

    Nice to hear those engines from those old Group B cars.

  7. ItsMeLeo

    2:52 "Questo si capiva che sarebbe successo perché si stava cagando addosso"

  8. Alpha Artax

    C'é anche la mitica Lancia Delta, pure la versione S4 biturbo da 600cv.
    Ancora oggi l'auto più vincente nella storia dei rally, quando ancora la Lancia costruiva auto serie.

  9. tvall

    when i looked the thumbnail for a brief moment i thought it was project cars or DiRT rally .! it makes you wonder how racing video games have evolved in the recent years , i still remember playing a game called Stunts back in the day , when dos was around

  10. hyphon12

    I really need to head out to Rally Legend next year, seeing so many iconic rally cars in one place would blow my mind!

  11. MatteoQV

    Marchettino, secondo te gli appassionati che guidano queste stupende auto le comprano cosi gia pronte provenienti dai campionati nazionali/mondiali di rallye degli anni passati ?

  12. Filippo Patruno

    Why do all these cars have license plates ?

  13. Kaisuke971

    The air-cooled Flat 6 sound so good, unbelievable ! 1:08 So badass. This and the Quattro Inline 5 were the best sounding engines by far.

  14. NicoBellucc

    Ma solo a me sembrano sardi quelli che fanno commenti nel video ahahahah

  15. Where is the Blin blyat !?

    I saw a solothurn license plate noiceee

  16. mbarizia

    it looks like only marchettino that did not have a quick shake. 1:39 cool

  17. Giorgos tsangaris

    AMAZING VIDEO MY FRIEND. keep making these type of videos!