Rally Cars Launches & HUGE Anti-Lag Sounds!

I have filmed a group of WRC rally cars and others taking off during the start of rally stage of the 1° Misano Rally Event. I think my ears have suffered a bit since …

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45 Responses

  1. flightMC

    is that anti lag at the start? why do rally drivers do it?

  2. formula 1 fan

    I can't tell if the first launch was some background audio from a terroist attack or a car practically exploding it's insides

  3. ProudRich

    Does anyone watch that video to relax like me ?? Sound of Exhaust makes me happy

  4. Johnpaul Bennett

    Whoever was driving that subaru, please learn how to shift

  5. I Ren

    Sadly, this is something that the car ignorant will never understand.

  6. Patrik Hultengren

    vroom vroom bepwepebiboebpebeoebibieieboeie greenlight boooouuup!!

  7. Andrew Hope

    Loudest car I ever heard was a Metro6R4, the sheer screaming from that engine revving at the start line hurt my ears way more than cars running ALS

  8. zachpaw

    I love the sound of spooling turbos, turbo barks, and some BOV's but I hate how anti lag systems make the exhaust sound.

  9. Salgadinho Gr

    The first Escort sounds like a RS2000(N/A) and not WRC.He doesnt use or have ALS,he just hard reving and w8ing for the signal to start !!!

  10. DaOrTz

    Biggest surprise: Skoda has the manliest anti lag's of them all.

  11. FzaaaR

    This may be immature of me, but I can only imagine them being fart machines.

  12. sorinel97

    Marchetino …

    I think you are so lucky that you just have been closed to a Cosworth project . 

    The Escort RS ! :O

  13. REKCEP

    Damn, I wonder if the fuel used in that first car of the video is 7.62 NATO.

  14. Ville N

    I would imagine some wheel spin if they wanted to get off fast. But none of them did… 4 wheel drive isn't an excuse with those engines.