Rally Cross X Games 2013 All Races

All 4 qualifiers, the last chance qualifier and both parts of the final of X Games 2013 Rally Cross in Brazil. All videos from ESPN.com.

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48 Responses

  1. Villy Vagner

    Female commentator should be working in "girls by the pool" or something like that..
    Finnish guy desarved win in the final !!!

  2. SAR_9tnsvt4 Gaming

    So DUSTY!! needs watered down.☁☁☁☁☁

  3. Fernanda Pereira

    Skillful. Efficient. Good reason to pay attention to physics class.

  4. matthewruss

    speed realy deserve that 🙂 heikenen as said by many drivers is too agresive forcing others wide and hitting them, glad he lost

  5. dbend144

    group b was the shit! thats weird that a guy with a subi logo likes group b tho. no subis in group b.

  6. drifterKen17

    You're right, but in Europe the track is wetted between each race, so there is not a many dust. And it is also better for spectators, so they see cars, not only cloud of dust.

  7. James Christie

    Some of you need to watch some RallyCrossRX.. Loeb, Foust and P. Solberg race there

  8. Andy Denial

    terrible track. what kind of spanner thought up a surface that creates 0 visability for EVERY driver…

  9. Awesomeman1987

    You beat me to the comment, No wonder ken block is no good in wrc

  10. Martin Sundsborn

    the replay in the last race. lets take a look at the replay. and all u see is a cloud of dust. brilliant :P

  11. camarowland4

    i heard they wouldnt let Loeb enter, they thought he'd won enough that year after pikes peak.

  12. brandon batty

    you're an fucking idiot thats rally cross fuck wit


    Yep that is a pretty noob thing to say… and 14 ppl are also idiots. 

  14. McMahonxHD

    No, this is proven wrong in the beginning, the last turn Heik makes blocks off Block and makes it so he can't see and goes straight out of the track.

  15. McMahonxHD

    Hopefully you can upload the Saturday Rally Drift. I'd be glad if you could, as I have plans to go to the movies when it airs.

  16. Khazar01

    well I do partially agree with you, i don't say that there should be no contact whatsoever but what these guys are doing is just ridiculous.
    you can see all kinds of bumps in a nascar race as well, but still that's way more cleaner racing than this….

    In this case the one who is able to push out as many of his opponents possible, wins….

  17. doomstin

    That is why some of us are watching it and enjoying. Because of the crazy Mad Max Villain driving style. This is to Circuit what UFC is to Boxing.

  18. Khazar01

    These guys are just bullies on the track, try to win in the first corner, crash others…..if they did those kind of moves in any FIA circuit racing, they'd either be DQed or banned.

    With driving like that, they belong in crash derby series

  19. 86Vili86

    Thanks for uploading love to see these races, but in Hungary i can't see them.
    I know i did not watch in cronologycal order how come they change cars? Like Deegan drives a Fieste here and drives an Impreza int new hampshire and bristol? Sorry I'm just a race fan and cant' fallow it. I can only watch here.

  20. 86Vili86

    I agree. And for most important to me is that I can't see shit. 🙂

  21. David Guzman

    Awesome dude thanks.. and in response to the driving.. I rallycross it really aint that hard.. thats where technique and skill come into play 

  22. Tanner Bischofberger Media

    What is the song called between commercial breaks? some1 pls reply

  23. ayaan ali

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  24. Bimmer Bomber

    I like Block's new Fiesta. The blue looks pretty cool, nice change of pace from the Monster green.

  25. PommyDownUnder98

    there's no point in using them. they all do have the necessary mounting points for wipers but believe it or not when they aren't needed they are removed to save weight. same goes for the washer bottle. wipers wouldn't help anyway the isnt sticking to the windscreen and if you had wipers and used the windscreen washing solution it would turn to soapy mud so they're pointless.

  26. Alex Minin

    actually you should look a bit more closely, they all have wipers, but dont you thing that would just wipe the dirt all around?

  27. skyZZofreniKdesignS

    And why the cars don't have windscreen-wipers ?

    As far as i know they are allowed(compulsory in my country) in rally cross

  28. Jamie And The Magic Torch

    can you put the rest of this years up please?

  29. MrKdr500

    he was talking about the dust you idiot! how does that sound like he's better than them?

  30. clarky212

    Ridiculous don't use that track again – how much were the tickets!!!