Rally Drivers Are Crazy! Rally Jumps

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30 Responses

  1. V99DoesEverything

    I swear the spectators have death wishes for real

  2. Layton Dennis

    Is wanted to watch this for the noise and rev limiter bashing dudududududud whaaaaaaaaaap but hella loud music fucked it

  3. atomicones

    I'm making my own ralley racing video you ugly mother fukkers

  4. vk banks


  5. vk banks

    what is the name of the jam playing in the back ground? I LOVE IT!!!

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  7. 洪肉娟遭報應生雜種


    永康曉娟喜吃短陰莖,所以生雜種~"安'~畜牲!!永康曉娟喜吃短陰莖,所以生雜種~"安'~畜牲!!永康曉娟喜吃短陰莖,所以生雜種~"安'~畜 台南崑山畢業的曉娟,非常淫蕩,性交媾次數破億,生了雜種仔,才敢出現在臉書,就是因為做妓心虛 鹽行肉娟在性交過程中,陰道會放屁,證明她交媾次數破億 ,才會造成陰道鬆弛,時間為西元2000

  8. Dawnatilla the Hun

    I LOVE RALLY! GLAD I Have mute though! uploaders by law play horrible music.

  9. Marcin Kijowski

    Ehhh 72 Rajd Polski – Rosochackie coś pięknego!!

  10. edkin123

    When we are talking about JUMP, why there is no Colin McRae?

  11. HarryHirsch

    good video, but please dont put music in the next ones! I (we) wont to here the pure sound of the cars!

  12. Doc Moore

    Not Crazy. Damn SKILLED and EXPERIENCED… It doesn't look that fast to them.

  13. pablo aracena

    The drivers are crazy? Yeah Fuck that, the people so close to the cars are the crazy ones

  14. Matt Woods

    Why… just WHY in the hell did you decide to ruin it with music?!

  15. andrew thompson

    thanks for not wasting our time, quick clips r all I need.

  16. SFOOQ

    Excuse me , why the music in the background???
    you ruined the video with that.
    take a dislike for that