Rally Driving Explained

Rally Champion Tim O’Neil explains the basics of left foot braking and rally driving techniques, all of which are taught at the Team O’Neil Rally School. Rally …

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45 Responses

  1. Ardanne Janssen

    i am new to rally driving i drive oldtimer rally but i was wondering how do you change gears without using the clutch doesn't your transmission brake doing that or do i have to time something btw nice vid really handy

  2. John ara

    i wasn't paying attention at all at explanations, but: I HAD TONS OF FUN WATCHING IT 😀
    sorry guys, was too fun to watch and i was lost anyway, have a great life

  3. Noobpowner92

    Can i ask, why do you use the clutch only to shift up and not to down shift?

  4. robert123007able

    Wow impressive, where can I find a rally school? Im from London

  5. David Washburn

    Thank you! I've always wanted exactly this view and description. I had no idea you would be on the brakes and gas together so much.

    On the pendulum turns, how are you initiating the rear stepping out? E-brake?

  6. clarence

    Great video! Just curious, What kind of rotor temperatures are you seeing after a run like this?

  7. big buoy

    How the heck didn't the front camera not get dirty or broken from all that flying debris

  8. Dylan McCallister

    nothing like my dad's mustang (track car), You need to be on the clutch when you brake, it is so fucking picky about how you drive it or it will stall. It's like a bitchy trophy wife, you need to treat her like a princess or she won't do what you want.

  9. Shadow

    I never knew I use rally techniques on driveclub. Learned something new today.

  10. longkeith diablo

    sorry for the stupid question but what kind of brake bias do you run on a fwd with this driving style? and would it be different for a rwd or 4wd car?

  11. Ze C.

    That camera angle is so impressive and you make it look so easy

  12. Derex 03

    Cant wait to go to this place. It is local and i plan on going

  13. Zatracenec

    I know, that maybe its a stupid question, but do these techniques apply to RWD as well? Thank You.

  14. CGPacifica

    What a marvelous wonderland you have to play in there. I'm so jealous.

  15. bchan210

    how long are these gears? I am assuming you are slightly modulating throttle to prevent wheel spin? and stab the brakes to upset the balance of the car to get it to rotate the rear on a slippery surface.

  16. woodjie1

    "as you can see I'm out of practice" dude I would of been crashed in the trees some where if I was trying to go that fast around the track.

  17. marcus callahan

    that brake calipers are like "stop fucking with me you son of the bitch"

  18. Asher Rose

    9 minutes to explain rally driving?? let me break it down for you in two words……………..


  19. Megaladon7k

    is it as hard as Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 on hardest difficulty? if so then it's no place for me lol

  20. Benny Guerra Jr

    I think that in a long stage with that technique you will overheat the brakes very fast.

  21. KingCat LXIX

    What ive learnt from this:

    Full throttle at all times, or dont drive at all

  22. Rhaba Rhaba

    n importe quoi…..il freine en meme temps aucun interet

  23. the real niger fagot

    he said hes outa practice man i would be going slow as hell your driving is fine