Rally Group B – Tribute

All images and music included are not in my own possession. This is a tribute to the rallying of the middle 80’s, when Group B monsters dominated the …

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44 Responses

  1. MajkyTheButcher

    Znám tohle video už asi rok a půl.. Vracím se sem minimálně jednou každý měsíc, vždycky mi naskočí husí kůže už jen při prvním průjezdu Audi, než začne hrát hudba. Nejlepší Rally video, co jsem za svůj život viděl. <3

  2. Wild_ _Toilet

    Group B drivers must've had to use wheel barrows to carry around their massive balls of steel.

  3. Wild_ _Toilet

    WRC is for boys, Group B was for men. I love that.

  4. Nick Leach

    Absolutely, utterly insane. The best cars and best Motorsport in the world. Shame I won't ever get to experience seeing one of these monsters in action.

  5. gubale

    hey icemanrider1, wonderful clip, cool sections and also great music. may I get the title and interpreter of this music ..? thanks a lot!

  6. Nicholas Charalampous

    the beasts !!! old good times..
    amazing cars unbelievable drivers..thanks for the video!

  7. Most wanted1

    my favorite scene in the whole video is from 4:39 to 4:46. i could tell that the co driver was scared for his own life. by saying "Good God" he sounded so scared

  8. thomas le gall

    Please, peut tu mettre cette vidéo. Elle est vraiment bien

  9. pptruenoverdadero

    It's like watching an extinct species of felines and their tamers… motorsports today are like watching a child control an RC car, completely soul less, very sad to say the least

  10. sdracklryeg

    All those white shirts tucked into denim jeans… how nostalgic

  11. koks kikis

    Miluji Audi S1 Quattro , za mě nejlepší auto vůbec … Ten zvuk nejde popsat , jak je krásný … Přivádí mě to k slzám štěstí/napětí … Zvuk Audi + Hudba a ty staré klipy jsou jsou fakt TOP … za mě nejlepší okamžiky 6:21 a 6:30 a pak vyvrcholení kdy začnou téct slzy v 6:42 … Nejepičtější video vůbec … rád se na něj dívám znova a znova

  12. Bruno Silva

    it was insane, it shoud return, with better tracks and more responsable people

  13. Sgtslaughter 662

    this make me hate the time I was born in even more

  14. vtr0104

    That poor Rover at 05:17 … Somehow made it with the windshield in one piece

  15. James Avery

    The crowds are so close in rally is very reckless and stupid. The drivers are great a skillful but dame is the crowd stupid and the drivers just don't give a shit . One of these days a rally driver is gonna fuck it up on a crest and kill dozens of people…….shits crazy lol

  16. Lauri Saari

    so sad the group b was need the bee ended, 😥 ,

  17. Mikael Skafsgaard Nielsen

    What a beautiful, all too short tribute. Gripping

  18. João Santos

    Do you wanna see cars flying??

    Watch class B videos.

  19. Carlos Piedra

    From now on… This is the best video I've ever seen… In my life

  20. Quite Boring Videos

    I sooooo miss these days . WRC and the FIA have fucked everything up . . . The current climate of safety and the litigious society we live in means that we'll never experience this again )-:

  21. Alejandro Ene Ene

    peugeot 205 and lancia delta s4, smalls monsters fast

  22. Beurette Beurette

    sounds motors + musicale pffffff bad

  23. Nick Gulevski

    Come back group b!!! Come back autosport to Russia!!! From Russia, with love

  24. Игорь Смирнов

    вот оно настоящее ралли….не то что сейчас

  25. Roberto Flores

    Beautiful just beautiful!!! Kinda got teary eyed with joy! 😀

  26. HUN Nexus

    Can somebody write down what is the navigator saying from 3:08 ? thanks 🙂