Rally jump compilation

Huge jump selection in HD with engine sound!!

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47 Responses

  1. Votix

    Jesus fucking Christ. How do these cars even get off the ground under the weight of these drivers balls!?

  2. matias espinoza

    son re locos lo q maneja no tiene. miedo si no q le gusta

  3. pablo aracena

    Step-by-step this new rally categories are getting closer to the same danger that banned Group B, the crowd just to close.

  4. SniperPanda512

    there was this one video (I forgot the title), where this dog was running in the middle then all of the sudden a car jumps over the dog almost hitting it. But never did

  5. TheCheapscape55

    Don't advertise the engine sound and then put music to the video

  6. TKK

    Take out the Requiem for a Dream music so I don't feel like killing myself

  7. adica

    The only thing pulling them down to earth is the weight of their balls.. Mad..mad driving

  8. Sick Git

    64 'careful christians' with a fish on the back of their cars.

  9. Zach Wilkerson

    it's cool to pretend these guys are being chased by cops

  10. multiestonian

    I choose WRC over any other rally anyday. The skill and courage you need is amazing.

  11. red88alert

    This is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes upon.

  12. Voluntary Insubordinate

    It's like rally spectators just don't give a fuck if they die…

    I get it, but I don't.