Rally Legend 2015 [HD] Best moments | Mistakes | Sideways | Crash & Show by FTT-Rally

Best of 13º Rally Legend 2015 Mistakes, Sideways, +Crash Markku Alen with Lancia Delta S4 in Shakedown Videos of : Shakedown SS1-SS3 ¨I Laghi¨ SS6-¨Le …

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32 Responses

  1. Bill K

    These guys are amateurs, plus, the only real rally cars here are the Audi and the Lancia.

  2. David Sirolla Solé

    Molt bon video noi! jo m'animo per aquest any després del Catalunya… començo a buscar avió….;)

  3. Pasquale Carriero

    ooooh ma è possibile che la maggior parte dei piloti che guidano una Delta si girano tutti e che diamine !!!

  4. BHALT0S

    don't many of the cars have reverse gear or something? and if not, how come? what is the purpose of having no reverse gear?

  5. _ Ximo _

    So satisfying when those classics just go sideways around those corners

  6. Sigit Prabowo

    Can anybody explain to me the popping sound from the engine, when the driver is shifting gear?


    Excellent footage Love your vids ,Thanks for posting ,and I could listen to the Audi and Lancia's all day long brings back great memories of the old RAC Rally

  8. Stephen Kagerer

    great video, was hoping to see a little bit more Subie action though

  9. fidan2fast

    it's amazing to see that huge difference between newer and older cars… that Polo has the perfect line all the time, and never bounces around, it's amazing

  10. Роман Плетнев

    9:16 – The driver asks to push the car while he's not stuck and the car is not damaged.
    What's the reason? They don't have a reverse gear?

  11. Alf Torp

    You can keep the noise of all the new rally cars. Just let me listen to that Audi Ur-Quattro all day.

  12. Julian V.