Rally Legend 2015 – Rally Cars Starts & Launch Controls (Group B, WRC & More)

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39 Responses

  1. Thais Laine

    provide administrative shortage index nominee portion.

  2. charmand79

    Audi Quattro, still after all those years the only one starting as if being catapulted!

  3. andrewesquivel

    oh if only the sport wasn't so cost prohibitive. I would have loved to have the money to be able to do this once in awhile.

  4. AndreiTupolev

    6 minutes 45 of pure fun! That Polo at 3;20 just has a ridiculous amount of revs.

  5. Marco Milani

    Very very nice video! Thanks for uploading.

  6. Ruben Moreira

    looka at the last car hahahahah the road marshall dosent care and still smoke his cigar hahahaha

  7. DiRT329

    Вся история мирового Ралли за семь минут!… В ностальгию погрузило,начиная от Сандро Мунари,заканчивая Себастьяном Ожье… Спасибо Автор!

  8. SBK 14

    Riprese spettacolari! Complimenti per tutti i video, non mi stanco mai di vederli. Specialmente questi delle partenze delle ps. Lavoro eccezionale, continua così!

  9. Andy Howden

    it seems the group b cars are quicker of the line cos of the T.c.

  10. TheStraightPipes

    As a connoisseur of high quality car audio videos, well done sir!

  11. El Orate

    la mejor musica del mundo. gracias x subirlo!

  12. Michael Talbot

    The Audi Quattro at 1:05 has to be one of my favorite cars of all time. The sound of that 5 cylinder is beautiful!

  13. TheItalianBiker

    What a bad ending D: Poor Skoda…
    PS: I have been in San Marino Saturday and Sunday, great event! Rain was the only big problem.

  14. TheStigSP

    All takeoffs great. Specially Fabias and Lancias!

  15. The Oblivioner Gaming

    quante leggende in un solo video 🙂

  16. xxxxdarksidexxxx

    Love that 206~!!!

    From cali and I still love BOZZY!

  17. ajrst82

    That S1 and Delta S4 – WOW, WARP SPEED!!!

  18. BP Motorsport

    This rally is always awesome!! so much legendary cars in one event

  19. Sulthan NurShafwan

    I know the Skoda Fabia still have one of, if not the most insane-sounding ALS in WRC.