Rally Near Miss, Close Call , and Flyby Compilation ! Best Of 2017 !

Close Calls, Near misses, Flybys and much more on this Crazy Compolation , this time featuring rallye cars ! Not a Can’t Touch This, but it’s still nice to watch …

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29 Responses

  1. Lukas Kuch

    rallye driver are the best driver of the world

  2. zepter00

    Sorry but that is compilation from the last 23-25 years …not 2017

  3. Fat n' Furious

    Anybody want to do a sub for sub.? comment done down below and ill sub back in 5 seconds .. i have sub count on so dont lie

  4. TheGame SeptDeux

    Did you see for the supra of jimmy ? Police seized :c

  5. Otsu2211 Play games!

    all I watch about Car from Boostlust and on IG TiTo but has Boostlust Tag lol

  6. Ruffles Slayer

    rally car drivers have no chill. they'll run over anything that is In there way

  7. Car Lovers

    is there someone in a high visibility jacket that got ran over @3:12

  8. Stefen Jerard

    5 dislikers are RICER
    Still counting

  9. Turboahdettu Supra

    Goddamn all these backward entrys! That brazzers logo at the start of vid is totally justified

  10. Help me get 2k subs without videos

    # SIDEWAYS come on everybody lets get to 1k views 👍

  11. BoostedSrt

    8:42 legend says that the corn is still on the car to this day

  12. BoostedSrt

    6:30 who the crap uses a Supra for a rally car. Wrong on so many levels

  13. Master Chief

    You should have named the video "Close-calls, fly-by's, crapped pants and No-fucks given compilation"…Number 7 near the end actually ran over people…XD

  14. RasseRäcerMusen

    if everything seems under control you're just not going fast enough