Rally onboard x170 camera – with SA’s Jon Williams

http://www.actioncameras.co.za/X170-Action-Camera.html X170 action camera on rollbar inside Jon Williams rally car during the Finland Rally. Jon Williams in …

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16 Responses

  1. BOPPE

    why does the engine keep winding up even when shifting gears? is it from straight cut gears?

  2. UnifiedCorpse

    what do the numbers mean?
    for example "Right 3 Go" ?

  3. MCmaddawg

    So from what I understand, when he says direction and then the numbers, the numbers stand for how dangerous the turn is. So I assume left 10 would be a very sharp turn.

  4. troyBORG

    GO, whats with him saying "go" all the time?

  5. Talal AL Haj

    shut a fuck up & let the man drive … Damn

  6. MrBanaanipommi

    lol no heck, RBR has much better graphics even actually dirt 3 have better, the roads are WAY too flat and physics of cars is so unrealistic

  7. gamezone047

    2:03 very dangerous part on that jump, nothing to say, professional driver

  8. OvertakeSV

    Dirt 1 has better physics then dirt 3 in my opinion but RBR is the best

  9. zhbvenkhoReload

    Damn!!!! This rally drivers are so good at what they do that they are almost like machines. Everything is in their brains, calculated exactly. DAMN!!!

  10. aProphecy

    @BigLeprichaun Try RBR, better phisics and takes alot of skill

  11. BigLeprichaun

    This is like Dirt 3 =) infact on highest graphics Dirt 3 would look like this.

  12. harredanettkonto

    "get it in, so we can go quick! xD"