In this video i tried to smash some work out on the 240sx including the LS steam port kit and showing you guys how to flock a dash on a budget.

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  1. Joe Hanna

    Caleb I'd silicone that steam port block down. I'd be concerned about it vibrating and interfereing with knock sensors below it.

  2. john burn sundberg

    caleb straight up i have no clue what "flock" can u please explain thank you in advance if u do also u better come to raceway park in jersey this year i need to meet u ahhh

  3. Antwan Stevenson

    You shoulda do a custom dash eventually. Good shit tho bro keep it up

  4. Quich

    bro u deserve waaaaayyyy mooooreee subs, this content is almost better then adam lz's

  5. dean m

    Hey man, how did you go with the small cracks? I want to flock my dash but have really small cracks like yours and im not sure whether I should sand/fill it or just leave it.

  6. givman2004

    Use a sieve to apply the flock. Don't clump it on by hand man. Sprinkle it onto the glue with the sieve. Also flock is just fine sawdust that been painted and dried out. Dead easy to make for next to nothing.

  7. Sephiroth Aus

    Never even knew flock dashes was a thing. Cheers for the knowledge mate!

  8. Riley Keyser

    And thanks dude for still posting a video even tho you didn’t do much today, still showed us something kinda showes you really do care about all use random creeps that watch you everyday lol


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