Rally Racing 101 in the Subaru WRX STI! – The J-Turn Episode 8

On this episode of The J-Turn, Jessi Lang heads to Washington state for her first foray into rally driving at Dirt Fish Rally School. There, Don Wooten teaches her …

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30 Responses

  1. Benzintrinker

    after 30 seconds i knew she was an amateur… cmon understeering a wrx sti? for real?

  2. hulkhatepunybanner

    Jeez. I had this in my Watch Later page since 2013?!

  3. Tyler Raber

    all those people all that training, and no one told her how to properly put a helmet on…

  4. El Duderino

    This looks so fun. He seems like a great teacher too.

  5. JoeMelzo

    I drive around so much out here where i live that i've come to learn so many techniques for sliding and braking. I want to go to one of these schools so bad though. 

  6. Admiral Ackbar

    How does one get payed for doing this? How does one make a resume for this job? How does one endure so much bliss in life without passing out while doing this?

  7. Frank Bullitt

    I went to Team O'Neil Rally School. They have a drop off in a hairpin turn that you really need to be on your toes about if you're going fast. The rear wheel drive BMW was a different beast and took rallying to a whole new level for me. Good to know there's a reputable rally school on the west coast should I move there.

  8. TemeculaParkour

    Great video, pretty girl, and informative <3

  9. Carnage88

    left foot braking muddy subies! gotta love it!

  10. bigtank616

    thats how subies are treated and how they should be treated

  11. whiteshade112

    Don Wooten is a really cool guy, just spent the last three days with him at dirtfish.

  12. Aaron Dizon

    Had no idea this school existed, and I live in Washington. I will definitely try to go there soon.

  13. Brabusrocket800

    Oh come on,girl!Don't make yourself to look so stupid.You can more than this.You are in an auto magazine…Show us what you really can.Please! 🙂

  14. antihero0000

    That was awesome! I'm a avid rally fan and I love that you are including all types of racing. Make more!

  15. Fullforce LTX

    Just think in some country's women cant even get a license…
    Good job, I wish my wife would at least learn to drive a stick…. hot hot hot … lol

  16. Jared Tate

    ah okay so you brake to transfer the weight to the front and accelerate to shift the weight to the back….
    rally is so tough.. you got know more concepts like throttle management, how to get the best amount of traction, determining the limits of the car, adapt to different conditions, remember the line…. oh WRC is the hardest and toughest motorsport!

  17. ImHereToAnnoyYou

    There's nothing worse than paying for a car 'experience' and the car breaking.

  18. Gen Lapinid

    nothing gets better than a woman who drives so good =)