Rallycross on a Budget Part 1 – Series 18 – Top Gear – BBC

Part 1 of 2. Clarkson, May and Hammond each buy relatively cheap cars to take part, against other enthusiasts, in a rally cross motor race. It’s a thrilling 20 …

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32 Responses

  1. MrFredzy Gamer

    I know llyden hill because my dad use to do drifting there.

  2. Tyler Wilson

    This looks fun as hell. I need to learn where I can do this

  3. bloodrunnsblack69

    The music sounds like it comes from GT3.

  4. Garchompy _

    Why is there another red mr2 in the background? Coincidence?

  5. Onofrei Luca

    When I heard that James had come in a Toyota Mr2 I thought it was gonna be a supercar replica

  6. Alex Lintern

    I heard that one of them drives like a "Martin Schanche"

  7. MickMaan

    Ah yes, Gary May got caught out by a picture perfect infamous MR2 snap oversteer.

  8. Jim

    Did James really expect to stay in control while rallying a MR2?

  9. Sven Mallia Harmsworth

    Why were there a lot of Suzuki swifts???

  10. Justin Liauw

    Hammond : "We must not laugh."
    next scene
    both of them crack up

  11. Luuk Schop

    We must not laugh when he comes back…………………..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. Chris Hleck

    watched about 6 times personal fav topgear episode

  13. shanine shnizzle

    I live near Herne Bay near Canterbury so I live near Lydden hill circuit

  14. ff sakeman

    6:00 min,song?It sounds familiar.Was it in one of the Dirt games?Or Prostreet?

  15. randomizer 56

    so wait back then in rallycros there was no joker lap ??

  16. vivalastatic

    Fat mike has probably left a golf course feel much, much more high. Lol

  17. Arkadiem

    I was laughing at the ceiling like the guy behind Hammond when he said, "The heat..?"