Rallycross on a Budget Part 1 – Series 18 – Top Gear – BBC

Part 1 of 2. Clarkson, May and Hammond each buy relatively cheap cars to take part, against other enthusiasts, in a rally cross motor race. It’s a thrilling 20 …

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  1. Onofrei Luca

    When I heard that James had come in a Toyota Mr2 I thought it was gonna be a supercar replica

  2. MickMaan

    Ah yes, Gary May got caught out by a picture perfect infamous MR2 snap oversteer.

  3. Luuk Schop

    We must not laugh when he comes back…………………..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. shanine shnizzle

    I live near Herne Bay near Canterbury so I live near Lydden hill circuit

  5. vivalastatic

    Fat mike has probably left a golf course feel much, much more high. Lol

  6. Arkadiem

    I was laughing at the ceiling like the guy behind Hammond when he said, "The heat..?"


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