Rallycross360: My Ride-Along in a Rallycross Car with Tanner Foust

Check out more rallycross fun at Rallycross360.com What a thrilling ride! I got to sit next to Tanner Foust in his rallycross car the day after he won the 2012 …

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32 Responses

  1. Royale with cheese

    I would not have the courage to be passenger, only driver.

  2. Brent Sipper

    Next time make sure your straps are tighter…Fun Ride.

  3. The Red Sphinx

    The cars in the SuperCar class have immense acceleration. 0 –> 100 kph in under two seconds. 600 bhp, 4WD, no turbo lag and sequential, six-speed box.

  4. chris herbert

    What a awsome dude! He realy seems to enjoy himself spending time with fans! 

  5. Zwodo

    Tanner Foust is truely a beast..
    He's inspiring me a lot to try and go for that professional field and one day I'd love to meet him..
    Looks like you had tons of fun^^

  6. Jenn Kloepfer

    Haha Tanner Foust is my idol and hero!!!! I wish I could ride in there!!! That is my dream to do that!!!!

  7. Kristin Berkery

    It was an amazing and fun experience! Thanks for your comment, Holli :)

  8. Holli Jones

    That's awesome!! Haha! I'm big into rally/rallycross and he's one of my favorite drivers. I would've been giggling like a little school girl! Looks like a lot of fun!!

  9. Kristin Berkery

    That wasn't lost on me — he looks like he's ready for a full-on race! But his racing suit wasn't so much to protect him, it was meant to make the experience "realistic." The drivers are so experienced that hooning around like this is easy for them and pretty safe for the ride-along guests.

  10. Kristin Berkery

    You know, I thought there was a risk of me getting car sick, but it was so hectic and fast that there wasn't time! :D

  11. cancrewgirl

    Couldn't help but notice that Tanner is in full fire protection gear and you're not and you weren't strapped in tight enough since you were thrown around in your seat soooo… THAT MUST HAVE BEEN SO MUCH FUN!!!! Good for you and thanks for sharing.
    BTW I'd love to try that and then get a lesson in rallycross driving ;)

  12. Kayla Dean

    I wish I could go out there, but I have no money what so ever. haha. what was it like riding in the car? you didn't get car sick or anything? lol im just curious :)

  13. Kristin Berkery

    It's definitely mind-blowing! Try to make it to SEMA in Las Vegas this November! He's a great guy to write about :)

  14. Kayla Dean

    Oh my god that looks like soooooo much fun. I would totally want to ride with him! I wouldn't be scared, but just filled with so much adrenaline 😀 I wanna do this! im writing a paper about Tanner for my college English class and im looking up more information about him, and stumbled upon your video. haha :]

  15. spamcans05

    That is awesome!! He totally checked out your butt getting out too btw. haha