Rat Rod Lawn Mower vs. VW Beetle Drag Racing + Drifting

This week, we pit our ratchet racing/rat rod lawn mower against Ike’s 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle in a series of drag races. Then, we pull out the drag mini …

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37 Responses

  1. Dustin decoursey

    The vw beetle lol did it in a 5 speed 99 front wheel

  2. T-Town Mini

    How about building the beetle into an awesome "Baja Bug"?  ….then, have some mud drags!!

  3. JayButcher1127

    Guys, love the projects…..but, I have 2 words. Mini-bike sidecar!!!

  4. abuletisriley

    been watching u guys for a couple months now. your videos are awesome and i would love to see you do an inverted trike build

  5. AndrewYavtVlogs

    Hey Cars&Cameras, what kind of camera do ya'll use?

  6. Wayne Roller

    Adjusted the exhaust valve….. hummmmm did anyone suggest that before when you had "bad starters"?

  7. Jake Tow

    Today I found out that lawnmowers can wheelie. Not a disappointing day

  8. JustAnotherBoog

    the mower gave up and but the guy in the bug was still gettin that win LOL

  9. Coolhandkyle1

    Man I been watching these vids for so long I love it

  10. TastelessTuber

    can you buy a cheap van and make it into a pickup truck possibly thad be pretty unique

  11. TastelessTuber

    that mini bike sounds like a long fart from the back but with the camera on ike it sounds 1000% different

  12. Donnie Fish

    I would really like to see you guys build an electric go kart

  13. Theminer246

    anyone else see the 1971 camaro in the backround when they fix the bike

  14. Tyler Schwartz

    hey i will sell you guys a 20hp vtwin briggs for that riding mower if you come to southern pennsylvania to get it

  15. eltigreandthewalrus

    i wonder if your rear end is out of square, and thats why its so sketchy.

  16. adam b

    Y'all need to try and make a to converter work on the mower

  17. The Headless Horseman

    Gotta say, your videos never disappoint but this one takes the cake. It has it all, dirt, street, races, burnouts. I was grinning the entire video. Thanks for the entertainment, you guys are awesome!