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I love a great spring night, RC’ing with the gang.. just hanging out.. and having fun.. isnt that what this hobby is all about? Simply having a good time and chillin’ …

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32 Responses

  1. Beefjerky3020

    Daaaaaaaad look who's heeeeeere it's the read head

  2. Jacob Bradley

    make videos on the banchee you would get lots of views

  3. Rachel Blue

    how can i share this ccrraazzyy shit with my freind…im hitting share an its not happening… we need this

  4. Jackasel

    have you guys seen the traxxass Summit? A LOT of power, speed, lock differential back/all, high/low gears, AND WATER PROOF

  5. Tech Rocks

    I love rc cars I have a T2 power truck and a jeep of road drive

  6. Tristan's Garage

    first RC ADVENTURE video I watched. Now I am an addict to RC and RC Adventures!!!! Still Remember last year when i met you

  7. Sar Bollenberg

    medic it is gryffyn you know your traxxas x 01 you should put drift tyres 

  8. Jace Frazier

    Hey medic I want to get a trailer how can I get a ride boys one??

  9. seth cass

    I'm 12 and have a slash that I've probly put 1.5k into it and a revo and they r not a kids toy I'm always buying stuff for them

  10. Lan Vega

    great video! never seen a mud proof rc car very nice!!! nice red tshirt is that a custum made?