RC ADVENTURES – Learning to Drift – Part 9 – 12 RC DRiFT CARS & a SEMi-TRUCK?!

Click Here To Subscribe! ▻ http://bit.ly/JOovvU – I went out to the “PRODIGY D” private RC Drifting club here in Calgary, after receiving a Private Invitation to …

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48 Responses

  1. AIR T

    Do you guys get in trouble by the owner doing this? I'd love to do this in my warehouse, I just bought an HPI Sprint 2 Racing 1969 Mustang, I love drifting with it

  2. Kodie Johnston

    thanks for Posting this guys it's awesome they must of been expensive

  3. Dylan Martindale Channel

    Snapchat me @Dmarti20 if you know where I can buy a drift car

  4. shannonpriestley

    Please help. I am running a 1/10 brushed drift car that I cannot get it to slow drift on a polished garage floor. I am not getting traction enough. I adjusted my camber as well, and it made a huge difference. But, what tries should I use on polished concrete? Secondly, what else besides the tires and camber allow a car to slow drift?

  5. calvin Darby

    What now your doing drifting videos that is so coolllllllll

  6. Richard ray

    why weren't you drifting also I like that older modal skyline

  7. Mannerlybeef

    I like how that one rc has an l.e.d on the exhaust, it makes it look like nitrous

  8. ViRaL ScOpEs

    do one video of the orange one dodge viper i think i love it please